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Home Recycling and Waste Reduction Requirements for Tampa Residents

Green recycling symbol.In Tampa, we take our recycling seriously. While some may think that they can toss next to anything in the recycling cart that isn’t food waste, the process of breaking down and reusing material is more complicated than that. The Recycling Division is working on monitoring and improving the city’s comprehensive recycling program while educating Tampa residents on the best way to reduce waste. 

Recycling Program Requirements 

When looking to recycle for your home, several requirements are in place to make sure your waste is picked up and disposed of effectively. Authorized recyclables are larger than the size of your fist. You should leave these items loose and unbagged in the cart. All waste should be inside the cart, and the lid should be down to protect it from the elements.

You should follow the designated list when looking for materials that Tampa allows to be broken down. Even if the resin number on the waste indicates it’s recyclable, your item won’t be accepted if the Recycling Division does not find it meets the requirements. 

Disposing Materials: Dos and Don’ts 

The odds are good that you know the basics of recycling. All you need to do is to refine your waste reduction habits. You understand you can recycle the jug of orange juice in your fridge once you finish it, but you may not know that you have to take out the cap and wash out the juice residue. Most plasticware is not suitable to be recycled in Tampa, which can include the following articles: 

  • Caps
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Pumps
  • Bags
  • Cups or Silverware


You can also recycle cans and bottles once you’ve stripped them of any metal and washed them clean of food or liquid. Cardboard, if dry and flat, can be fitted loosely in your recycling cart, as well. But pizza boxes aren’t accepted, and neither are foam and most other packing materials. 

Taking extra time to think about your recycling may take some effort at first.  However, the positive effect it has on our community is immeasurable.

Waste Reduction Through Professional Shredding

It’s possible to dispose of office paper and other documents through your curbside recycling. But if these are private documents, it’s better not to leave them on the side of the road. And since recycling plants in Tampa don’t accept shredded paper, you need a professional shredding company. 

ShredQuick works quickly and securely for both homes and businesses. So if you want to practice waste reduction without risking your confidential information, go through ShredQuick and do right by yourself and the environment. We’ll come to your property and dispose of your paper waste on-site, cutting out the middleman.

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