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How a Document Destruction Service Can Save Your Clearwater Business from Risk

Nowadays, protecting your
business information has become complex.  Consider the differences from even a few
decades ago.  Thus, the growth of digital technologies has forced
companies to implement new security protections.  After all, their goal is to deter data theft. 

However, you can’t focus solely
on digital data.  Perhaps, your Clearwater business still uses hard copies
that contain sensitive data.  In that
case, be aware they pose the same risk for exposure as digital data. 

Maybe, a dumpster diving thief
snatches documents out of your trash. 
Then, they’re used to breach your digital defenses.  Really, you’re still going to deal with
serious consequences. 

In truth, this is where a
Florida document destruction service can help.  Certainly, you could shred
documents in-house.  However, you might
face many difficulties.  Hence, you need
to maintain compliance with shredding regulations.

Also, it’s up to you to keep
documents secure until shredding.  Plus,
you must ensure employees shred documents instead of tossing them in the
trash.  How does your Clearwater document destruction partner minimize

Legal Compliance

Of course, your Florida
business has legal and ethical obligations. 
They protect the confidential data entrusted to you by employees and customers. 
Therefore, you must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local
consumer privacy laws.

Additionally, adhere to any
industry regulations that affect you.  These
include HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA, FERPA, FISMA, and so on. However, it’s difficult
for a business to keep up with changing standards. 

Plus, it’s challenging to
adhere to the rules and regulations for data destruction.  Actually, this
task is easier with the help of a reliable document destruction service.  Essentially, they manage these concerns on
your behalf. 

Thwarting Internal and External Threats

These days, threats for data
theft are a real problem.  Perhaps,
unscrupulous employees access data.  Maybe,
dumpster-diving thieves steal documents or paper shreds from your trash.  In
either case, turn to your Florida document destruction service.  In truth, they minimize risks to secure your
data from end-to-end. 

First, they provide you with locking bins for in-office use.  Be sure to enforce a shred-all policy.  Consequently, have employees place all documents into bins.  Once inside, they cannot be seen by anyone.  Nor, can the confidential information contained be accessed.

From there, your mobile
document shredding service will arrive on schedule.  Then, they’ll empty bins and shred documents
on-site, as you watch.  This confirms
destruction.  Finally, the shreds are transported to a secure facility for
recycling and completing the cycle. 

Proof for Your Records

As a final reassurance, your
mobile shredding service provides a Certificate of Destruction.  Keep this, as proof for your records.  In doing so, you’ll have a documented chain
of custody.  This is important evidence
proving you’ve complied with data destruction requirements.

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