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You’ve decided it’s time to partake in document shredding. Many businesses believe that they are practicing due diligence.

That’s because they’re using a portable in-office paper shredder. On the surface, it makes sense. Thus, you’re engaging in document destruction using equipment marketed to do so.

This seems like a logical route to take. Let’s say a piece of paper is shredded. It doesn’t mean that the information has been erased.

Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft

Identity theft is no joke. Also, it can cost an individual or business thousands of dollars. Not to mention, it causes a large amount of time and stress.

As a business owner, you aren’t only in charge of the company’s overall operations. Additionally, you are in charge of a lot of confidential information.

This includes the social security numbers and addresses of your employees. Plus, it encompasses bank account numbers of your customers.

Due to this, there are certain regulations put in place by the government. They’re there to ensure this information stays safe.

A professional shredding company outdoes DIY shredding. That’s because the company has to follow certain rules to remain certified by the National Association of Information Destruction.

Thus, choose a professional shredding company. They have serious equipment that shreds paper. Additionally, they shred hard drives and binders.

They use better equipment. This, in turn, ultimately translates to better destruction of your materials. Also, it greatly reduces your overall risk of identity theft.

Further, the equipment used by professional shredding company is different. It doesn’t just shred content into vertical strips. Instead, it turns it into a confetti-like substance.

These shreds are impossible to rebuild. Identity thieves are notorious for dumpster-diving. They’re good at putting together shredded paper.

They do this to obtain the information they are looking for. A professional shredding company makes that virtually impossible.

The Convenience of Professional Shredding

Reducing your risk of identity theft should not be a daunting experience. Actually, it should be convenient. Therefore, choose a professional shredding company.

Consider the Florida document shredding company ShredQuick. They make the process convenient. First, they offer mobile document shredding (i.e. they come to you).

Additionally, switching from DIY shredding to hiring a professional service saves a business money. In fact, this savings is up to 50% or more.

Maybe, you’re concerned about your overall risk of identity theft. Thus, it is best to practice caution. It’s time to hire the services of a professional shredding company.