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Information security and office design have a direct correlation. In fact, traditional workspace setups have compartmentalized offices and locked doors.

Inherently, these promote privacy and security. Conversely, today there are modern open concept designs. Thus, it mobilizes open spaces and minimizes partitions between work areas.

Also, it facilitates more intimate employee interactions. Currently, more offices are opting to adopt open concept designs.

Hence, it is essential that employers understand and prepare for any resulting security risks. Of course, it’s possible to implement an open office design.

In doing so, you’ll efficiently guard against any potential breaches. Read on to find out how an open concept office increases data security.

Human Error

In fact, an alarming number of employees don’t take information security as seriously as they should. This, in turn, makes them prone to leaving confidential data on their desks.

Also, they may not destroy it properly. The best way to tackle this is to clarify what constitutes “sensitive data”. That way there is an established protocol in case the rule is not adhered to.

Clean Desk Policy

There’s a big problem with implementing an open concept design. It’s breaking the habit of leaving confidential documents out after working hours.

Fortunately, implementing a clean desk policy requires employees to clear off their desks before leaving for the day.

In addition to reduced clutter, a clean desk policy will instill a habit of locking up all confidential documents. This includes both physical and digital.

Computer Security

Unfortunately, many employees leave their computers unlocked after working hours. Actually, this type of hazard is something no amount of document shredding can prevent.

If it continues after transitioning to an open concept office, expect significant data breaches. Therefore, the best way to curb this is to institute a clean desk policy.

It should require all employees ensure their devices are locked and password protected.

The Problem with Post-its 

Commonly, employees write down phone numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information. They use post-it notes. Then, they affix them to their computer or somewhere in their workspace for all to see.

Consequently, the solution to this one is twofold. First, train your employees to avoid writing confidential information on paper or post-it notes. Second, use a mobile document shredding company.

In doing so, they will appropriately dispose of all sensitive information. Consider partnering with a Florida document shredding services like ShredQuick.

They provide expedient and efficient on-site document destruction. Additionally, they offer a hard drive destruction service. This ensures confidential information isn’t laying around for someone to steal.