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Today, this world is digital.  Therefore, businesses are going paperless.  They do this in a bid to reduce waste.  They also do it to improve the environment.

Additionally, they’re largely doing away with the use of x-rays and film.  Actually, it makes sense. Consider all the imaging done using computers and other digital technologies.

That said, many businesses still have massive backlogs of physical records.  Truthfully, those within the medical industry may also have years’ worth of records.  They contain x-rays.

Additionally, other types of businesses might have stockpiles of film.  Of course, you arrange for scanning and document destruction.

Yet, you must also consider how best to dispose of old x-rays and film in your business’s archives.  What’s the best way to accomplish this task?  Your trusted Florida document shredding partner has the solution.

Call for Pickup

Most likely, you have regular pickups already scheduled for document shredding.  Perhaps, there’s a stockpile of x-rays or film set for disposal.

In that case, it’s best to schedule a special pickup.  This ensures preparations for accommodating the additional load.

Thus, you can inform your service provider. Let them know about the volume of your x-rays or film slated for recycling.  Also, you’ll learn more about the process.

The Recycling Process

As you may know, film contains both precious metal (silver) and chemical toxins.  For this reason, don’t just throw it away or shred.

Like e-waste, it must be broken down.  In doing so, it ensures that any harmful environmental toxins are removed before recycling.

Additionally, silver might be isolated and sold during the recycling process.  Obviously, this isn’t something most businesses can accomplish by themselves.

Therefore, it’s important to partner with a mobile document shredding service.  Select one that’s capable of managing x-ray and film recycling.

Additional Services

Certainly, they dispose of documents, x-rays, and film.  Yet, you’ll find that some document destruction services offer additional benefits.

Therefore, find a trusted partner.  They’ll shred hard drives and devices containing confidential data.  Thus, it helps avoid a data breach and identity theft.

Consequently, you’ll meet applicable privacy laws.  These include additional regulations like HIPAA.  In many cases, your service provider recycles outdated x-ray and film equipment for your convenience.

Call ahead for pickup.  In doing so, you’ll ensure certain pieces of equipment are eligible.  Thus, you can enjoy compliance with environmental laws.  Plus, you’ll gain peace of mind every step of the way.