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Consider securing sensitive data.  Most companies put all kinds of security measures in place.  In doing so, they ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Also, they protect the sensitive data entrusted to them.  This includes data provided by customers, employees, business partners and so on.

Digital data is often secured with firewalls, password protections, and more.  Conversely, hard copies usually are kept under lock and key.

What about document destruction?  Perhaps, you may have no clear policies in place.  Employees my be tasked with deciding what to do with documents.

Is it harmless enough to go in the trash or recycle bin?  Maybe, the data is of a sensitive nature.  Should it be shredded?  Let’s say you have policies to address such issues.

In truth, they may be too complex for employees to reasonably follow.  Perhaps, there may be some room for doubt.

Certainly, that’s the case if you don’t explicitly state how to behave for all documents generated.

The solution is to implement a shred-all policy.  This relates to all unneeded documents, regardless of content. They’re all destined for document shredding.

How can you implement such a policy effectively?  Here are a few tips.

Don’t Leave Any Wiggle Room

You need to make it clear, first and foremost, that all documents must be shredded.  This includes those that contain the most sensitive customer data, like credit card information or social security numbers.

Also, it encompasses the lowly office memo about an upcoming casual Friday.  Don’t engage in selective shredding.

Otherwise, you leave yourself open to opportunities for misinterpretation of policies.  Also, there are mistakes that could lead to data breach and identity theft.

Thus, you shouldn’t let documents containing sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.  Hence, educate employees. Also, clarify your shred-all policy.

Make sure they understand the importance of shredding absolutely every document.  Additionally, spell out the penalties if they ignore this policy and toss documents in the trash.

Partner with a Qualified Mobile Document Shredding Service

It’s easy to enforce a shred-all policy.  Clarify it with some specialized help.  Thus, it’s best to team up with a reputable and reliable Florida document shredding company.

These professionals can provide you with locking bins for your office.  In doing so, your documents remain secured until picked up for destruction.

Put these bins in place.  Thus, your employees will know where to place documents in keeping with your shred-all policy.

Your shredding company can help you set a schedule for pickup.  Thus, your bins are never full to the point of overflowing (allowing potential access to employees that shouldn’t have it).

From there, they’ll shred your documents on-site.  Finally, they haul them to a secure recycling facility for disposal.  This, in turn, ensures maximum protection.