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Let’s face it, all hard drives fail at one point or another. Unfortunately, sometimes these drives are filled with sensitive data. Thus, they cannot be discarded without grave risk to yourself or others.

Perhaps, you think you’re safe because you wiped the data? Think again. In reality, plenty of thieves and hackers know how to extract data. That includes data that users thought was gone forever.

For this reason, completely destroy your old hard drives after wiping sensitive information. This is one of the safest approaches to data protection.

What Not To Do

There are two common suggestions for destroying hard drives. One is by burning and melting them. The other is soaking them in acid. Maybe, you have been advised to use either of these approaches.

If so, forget it. Hard drives contain lots of toxic chemicals. Therefore, burning or melting them releases all of that into the environment.

On the other hand, soaking a drive in acid or some other solution carries a similar risk. That’s because the chemicals in the drive and in the solution produce a toxic cocktail. In fact, it could seriously impact your health.

How Do You Destroy A Hard Drive?

Without a doubt, there’s one common question in the field of data protection. It’s “how do you destroy a hard drive?”  Fortunately, there are a few proven methods.

By using them, you’ll ensure the sensitive data is inaccessible to those who would misuse it. Certainly, you can destroy a hard drive by magnetizing it, hammering it, burning it, or melting it.

In reality, there are safer and more efficient methods. You can utilize an industrial shredder or by manual disassembling.

However, the latter takes up a considerable amount of time and resources. Additionally, it does not completely ensure that your data is safe.

Industrial Shredders Are Usually the Way to Go

As mentioned, one of the most efficient means of destroying a hard drive is by using an industrial shredder. This ensures all data is decimated and rendered inaccessible. Don’t worry if you do not own a shredder.

Actually, there are a variety of document shredding and document destruction services. They happy to lend a hand. Many of these services will come straight to you. Then, they destroy your drives on-site.

This, in turn, saves you valuable time and money. Remember, you should always exercise caution when attempting any of this. We recommend consulting a mobile document shredding service.

Let them do it for you. They are trained to ensure that all of your sensitive information is safely disposed of. Also, they keep in accordance with Florida document shredding regulations.