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How Document Shredding Is Good for Your Business and The Environment

Nowadays, running a business demands a lot. This includes equal parts stamina, determination, motivation, and an eye for the future. Also, add in virtually a seven-day-a-week commitment and you have a lot to do.

Truthfully, it can be difficult to keep an eye on ancillary details. They might seem trivial at times. Yet, left unchecked, they have the potential to cause major issues.

Document shredding is one of those
details. Actually, it took a long time for U.S. business owners to realize the
importance of shredding documents. However, today several federal laws make
sure they don’t forget.

Accordingly, businesses are
responsible for safe management and protection of client and employee
information. In reality, those people trust that their data will not be revealed.
In fact, they count on you to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

However, accidents happen. Perhaps,
your Florida company is unaware of associated risks. Hence, you could be in for
significant problems. Medical and tax records are two examples.

After all, private medical history and sensitive banking information could fall into the wrong hands. In addition, tossing paper in the trash causes undue environmental havoc. To that end, partnering with a professional document shredding service is a wise strategy.

Let’s look at some benefits of
document shredding.


All companies in Florida and
throughout the country should be aware of the Big Three client privacy laws:

HIPPA – All public health system
organizations must comply with this law. It regards safe management and
eventual destruction of medical documents.

GLBA – Companies in the financial
industry work with highly sensitive client information every day. Thus, that
data must be protected from a breach.

FACTA – This is a credit transaction
law. It ensures private information stays that way. Also, related companies are
required to protect and eventually destroy consumer information.


Your Florida company should always
be cognizant of its environmental impact. Then, take proactive steps to
minimize it. Document shredding is a straightforward way to do it.

Additionally, it will boost your
company’s reputation. First, discarded paper completes the shredding process.
Then, it moves to a recycling facility. Finally, it’s made into new paper and
related products.

Theft Is Real

Of course, it’s no secret that
identity and data theft is a big deal. In fact, millions of people every year
are victims of fraud. Thus, document shredding provides a sound strategy for
protecting client information.

Whatever your company’s business goals;
document shredding will help you get there.

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