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Any competent document management strategy incorporates document shredding to various degrees. Therefore, there’s a big hurdle to overcome. It’s deciding whether documents need to be shredded or recycled.

For this reason, some organizations implement document destruction policies. These guidelines only permit the destruction of certain documents. Certainly, this can help reduce costs.

However, it also leaves plenty of room for error. Hence, it’s led some organizations to adopt a more effective approach. They employ a Shred All policy.

How Does A Shred All Policy Work?

A Shred All policy requires all employees to destroy every expired document. In doing so, it minimizes the chance of sensitive information ending up in the trash. Thus, a Shred All policy saves valuable time.

Also, it reduces stress. Utilize caution over traditional methodology. By doing so, businesses ensure their customers’ personal information is floating around for thieves to steal.

A Shred All Policy Encourages Compliance

These days, corporate espionage and identity theft are on the rise. Therefore, all businesses must be careful. They should not accidentally expose customer information.

This especially applies to small business owners. That’s because one small mistake could tank their entire business. Fortunately, a Shred All policy adheres to several laws and regulations.

These are specifically designed to protect consumers’ private information. This includes HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FACTA, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act.

Consider a Florida document shredding service. They assist in implementing a Shred All policy. After all, it’s the best way to guarantee a business always errs on the side of caution.

A Shred All Policy Saves Time and Money

You should adopt a Shred All policy as a sole approach for your document destruction. In fact, it will save any business time and money.

First, managers won’t need to train or motivate employees in regards to updated policies. That’s because the Shred All approach is easy to teach and enforce.

Additionally, it’s relatively low maintenance. With minimal training and oversight, the question is “how does a Shred All policy work?” This will give way to a more efficient approach to document security.

In fact, businesses can free up more time by hiring a mobile document shredding company. They will arrive on-site with a large truck. Then, they’ll shred all sensitive documents in the safest way possible.

A Shred All Policy Is Good For the Environment

Of course, you’ll maximize efficiency by saving time and money. Additionally, implementing a Shred All policy is good for the environment.

Nearly every shredding company recycles all of its shredded paper. After all, every business wants to protect sensitive data. Yet, that doesn’t mean it can’t help out the environment.