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Data storage and destruction has always been important to responsible business owners. Naturally, they’re looking to protect their company and customers.

However, in addition to document shredding, companies have to consider the destruction of digital data. Therefore, this means finding a mobile document shredding company that also deals with hard drives.

Let’s get you get started. First, it’s important to understand how hard disc shredding works and why it is necessary.

Also, you’ll learn the type of process you should look for when hiring a Florida document shredding company. Not to mention, the benefits you’ll gain from working with a reliable partner.

The Shredding Process

Not all document destruction companies offer hard disc shredding. Thus, the first thing to do is seek a partner that meets all your shredding needs.  From there, you’ll need to ensure something.

It’s that the company isn’t dumping your hard drives or reselling them behind your back.  Therefore, find a service provider offering transparency and documentation of their actions.

First, they collect your hard drives. Then, the serial numbers would be scanned. Next, the data is completely eradicated using a degausser. After that, the physical hard drives should be shredded in an industrial machine.

It must meet all applicable standards for federal, state, and local privacy laws. That includes additional, industry-related rules for HIPAA, FACTA, and so on. In fact, this will happen on-site, at your facility, while you watch, if you so desire.

A reliable service provider may even record this process. In doing so, evidence exists. It proves proper completion of the process.

Then, you will be given documentation certifying that your hard drives (including serial numbers) have been properly destroyed. Finally, the shredding truck will return to a secure facility. There, they’ll safely recycle any remaining waste.


This process may sound like overkill to some business owners. However, lesser services could end up costing you a bundle. Don’t let that happen. Instead, ensure they follow this comprehensive procedure.

Have the drives been properly wiped or shredded? If not, industrious thieves could get their hands on them. Then, they retrieve the data you thought was erased,

This, in turn, could lead to issues like identity theft or the sale of confidential company data to competitors. Perhaps, it breaches your current network. It depends on the data stolen.

Truthfully, you could face penalties and loss of customers’ revenue as a result.  In other words, it’s best to partner with a reliable shredding company. They’ll ensure proper destruction of your hard discs.