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Does your organization routinely place sensitive documents in the care of a third party shredder? If so, you may be asking yourself “how does the shredding Chain of Custody work?”

After all, how can you trust the service provider handling the documents? Fortunately, the Chain of Custody is a handy document shredding protocol. It provides peace of mind. Also, it promotes efficiency in equal measure.

Perhaps, you want to facilitate more productive interactions with your document shredding service provider. In that case, learning more about the Chain of Custody is the place to start.

How Does Shredding Chain of Custody Work?

The Chain of Custody is sometimes abbreviated as CoC. Essentially, it’s a paper trail covering your documents. It stars with when they were transferred from your possession to when they were shredded.

A CoC report details who came into contact with your documents. Also, it explains where your documents were stored. Additionally, it specifies the time they were picked up.

Plus, it identifies when they arrived at the facility for shredding and recycling. As such, it’s a valuable tool for a variety of situations.

Why Is Chain of Custody Important?

The CoC adheres to federal and Florida document shredding laws. Plus, a secure Chain of Custody can benefit you personally. In regards to the former, a Chain of Custody is mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA).

 Additionally, the Chain of Custody reports come in handy for any legal problems. That includes those between you and the shredding service provider. Finally, it’s critical to understand the nuances of the Chain of Custody.

In doing so, you’ll gain a personal benefit. That’s because you’ll be able to conceive and develop strategies related to time optimization and compliance.

Chain of Custody and Document Destruction

The first step in a Chain of Custody process is to store the files in locking bins. Actually, they remain locked until the documents are removed for shredding. Next, a mobile document shredding service will arrive.

Then, they’ll take the bins to their facility. Once there, they will be shredded, baled, and recycled. Once everything is completed, you will receive a certificate of destruction as per HIPPA law.

What Does A Certificate Of Destruction Do?

In reality, a Certificate of Destruction is a receipt of sorts. Essentially, it is proof you complied with applicable rules and regulations. Also, it contains specific details related to the Chain of Custody.

That includes pertinent barcode numbers and time logs. Additionally, it contains the names of the employees. Thus, they can verify the destruction took place.