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There are plenty of reasons to love new technology.  However, the rapid rate of advancement leaves many businesses with a pressing concern.

It’s disposing of old technologies.  Naturally, there are environmental considerations.  Additionally, you have to think about data security and consumer privacy. 

Of course, the bottom line is also a crucial factor.  This is especially true when you’re spending money on upgrading to new technology.  You need to make sure your electronics recycling plan is efficient.

In doing so, you’ll meet your obligations and enjoy the greatest benefits.  Here are a few ways to control costs.  Also, some ideas to make e-waste recycling more efficient. 


Perhaps, the life cycle of your devices currently involves their purchase, use, and destruction.  Maybe, you have devices stockpiled at your location until you get around to recycling them (whenever that might be). Hence, your e-waste strategy is not as efficient or effective as it could be. 

At the very least, you should get on a schedule with your mobile document shredding service. They’ll swiftly and properly destroy hard drives and other devices.  In doing so, they won’t become a liability. 

Additionally, explore opportunities to recoup costs and keep devices out of landfills.  Your Florida electronics recycling partner can shred and recycle parts.  Yet, you could also refurbish devices, as long as you keep with applicable privacy laws. 

You’ll need to have devices professionally wiped.  That ensures that any trace of sensitive data is completely eliminated.  Of course, there’s some cost associated with this.  However, you could sell devices giving them a second life. 

Many companies want the latest technology.  Though, there are smaller businesses that could benefit from low-cost, refurbished devices.  Be sure to consider costs and potential gains before deciding if this is right for you. 

Rethinking Device Usage

These days, there are options for data storage.  They can help you to reduce your reliance on physical devices.  Cloud storage is becoming safer and more secure every day.  Additionally, benefits like accessibility and virtually unlimited storage space are appealing. 

There’s another reason to love cloud storage.  It’s that you can significantly trim down on hardware at your location.  Also, you’ll transfer the costs of owning, maintaining, and destroying devices to your cloud costs.  Plus, it will minimize hassle in the process. 

Destruction and Recycling on a Schedule

Creating an efficient IT asset disposition (ITAD) strategy is easy when hiring a professional e-waste recycling partner.  Perhaps, you’re already on a regular schedule for document destruction. 

In that case, you can schedule hard drive and other e-waste destruction concurrently.  This will get old devices out of your office and reduce liability risks.

Then, they’ll be destroyed in keeping with privacy laws.  Finally, they will be properly recycled and kept with environmental regulations.