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How environmentally conscious companies in Clearwater can get peace of mind by outsourcing their shredding

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Clearwater businesses are becoming more aware of the need to take responsibility for the environment. Many companies now mandate steps to ensure their processes don’t consume too many natural resources or harm the earth’s ecosystem.

Recycling is a major consideration in developing a greener strategy for doing business. Responsible paper-shredding policies can improve a company’s efforts to run sustainably through more recycling. But there’s more to establishing a solid, in-house recycling program than just having more available bins — in fact, those bins may not help much at all.

Recycling shredded paper benefits the environment

Producing new paper requires a lot of resources, such as cut trees, fuel, chemicals, and a substantial amount of water. Making recycled paper needs far less energy, time, and expense. It also keeps more trees intact so they can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, keeping greenhouse gas emissions down in the process.

All recycled paper, whether whole or shredded, benefits the environment by keeping landfill waste to a minimum. Proper use and disposal of recycled paper are parts of many companies’ initiatives to alter their practices to make them more eco-friendly.

In-house recycling isn’t always the best solution

Despite the noble intention behind it, simply leaving old paper in your company’s recycling bins doesn’t guarantee it will be recycled. Even paper that’s been shredded in-house may be headed to a landfill.

This is because many recycling facilities — especially those used by public entities and governments — aren’t built to handle shredded paper. Their recycling systems are made to process larger sheets of paper or cardboard, and small shreds of paper may choke or jam the machinery involved. As a result, many of these recycling companies just throw shredded paper in the trash.

Professional shredding companies recycle paper properly

When you outsource your office data destruction to a professional shredding company, you use a business with facilities specifically built to recycle shredded paper. Recycling centers used by pro shredders take a series of careful steps to wash, decontaminate, and clean old paper so it can be re-used for producing new sheets.

For that reason, a company seeking to boost its “green” profile and become environmentally sound hires a Clearwater shredding company to service it’s destruction requirements. These companies’ daily job is to make sure documents and data are disposed of in eco-friendly ways, giving theier clients the peace of mind that comes with better environmental compliance.

Eco-friendly data destruction in Clearwater

ShredQuick’s data destruction and paper-shredding process always utilize tools and processes that are better for the environment. To find out how we can improve your Clearwater business’s green profile, contact us today.

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