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How Hard-Drive Wiping Services Can Protect Your Ft. Myers Business

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Ft. Myers businesses depend on digital data to keep them one step ahead of the competition. But it’s important to protect that data from outside forces who want to steal it.

When a business upgrades its technology, it must destroy all of the data contained on its old hard drives. Companies use one of two methods to do this:  Deleting files or data wiping. Only one of them works.

Wiping vs. Deleting

When you delete a file, you only make it hard to find. It disappears from your file directory, making it impossible to find during normal computer use. But the data doesn’t go away — it’s just in hiding. Deleting a file with desktop functions only removes its accessibility.

As long as the data remains on your hard drive, it can be extracted. If there’s any personal or sensitive information on it, someone with malicious intent can retrieve it for data or identity theft.

Wiping overwrites the hard drive in at least three (often more) separate passes, replacing old data with random, unreadable characters. Even if a hacker can access the contents of a wiped hard drive, the resulting file would be useless.

Can You Wipe Your Own Hard Drive?

Technically, yes. You can download software programs from the internet that will erase all of the information that your hard drive contains. The latest versions of all operating systems usually include a utility that data-wipes.

But is this a good idea? It may work perfectly fine for personal computers that you don’t use for work.

Business computers, however, are another matter. With all of the confidential information that a business retains, it’s crucial that data wiping be thorough and complete. In those cases, it’s important that you don’t leave data wiping in unsure hands.

Most consumer-grade data wiping software only works on more recent operating systems. If you have computers that are over five years old, the software won’t always work.

To do it effectively, the software has to make several passes over the drive. Depending on the size of your drive, this could take a lot of time. The nine passes recommended to wipe a 20GB hard drive can take up to an entire month to complete. That’s if the software runs 24 hours a day. Your business probably doesn’t have a month to spare.

How Can Professional Data Wiping Protect Your Business?

Professional data wiping protects your business by overwriting every piece of data through multiple passes. It deletes all personal data, as well as your customers’ sensitive information: Account numbers, identifying information, transactions, and more. It can protect your company from legal exposure, too.

ShredQuick Protects Ft. Myers Drives

ShredQuick can help your Ft. Myers business to stay safe with professional data wiping services — we can even help with the more effective practice of hard drive destruction. Contact us to find out more.

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