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How In-House Paper Shredding in Naples Disrupts Your Company’s Productivity

A person placing a sheet of paper into a personal desk paper shredder. This image represents when to use a shredding service.

Shredding paper is a fairly simple task when it’s just the occasional paper or two. If your Naples business deals in high volumes of personal and confidential documentation, this simple task becomes a little more complex.

If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing this task, you’ve likely considered the many benefits, such as cost and security, but did you know it can contribute to increased productivity? Though it may not seem like shredding papers would take very long, it certainly adds up.

Below are three ways you may not have considered that the seemingly simple task of shredding is slowing your team’s productivity.

It Takes Time

Not only do most shredders only take a few papers at a time, but it’s also not always as “easy” as that. Often, your employees will need to remove staples and paperclips before shredding their documents. That will take up some serious time if an entire file needs shredding. Rather than getting back to work quickly, your employee will need to separate and straighten documents before they can go into the shredder. Just one file alone can eat up several minutes.

If your employee tries to shove too many pieces into the shredder at once, the blades can clog. And that takes—you guessed it—more time! 

It Leads to Clutter

It isn’t always convenient to stop what you’re doing and shred paper, which is how piles of clutter accumulate. These piles make it harder to find what you’re looking for during the day, which eats up valuable time.

If your employees set these papers aside to deal with later, your office winds up with boxes and bins of shredding work throughout the office. Talk about clutter! And did you know that, according to a study, people who feel overwhelmed by “stuff” around them (in other words, clutter) are more likely to procrastinate?

It Requires Some Cleanup

If your company does its own shredding, that means your employees also have to deal with the cleanup. When the receptacle gets full, your employees will need to empty it. Smaller receptacles will need to be emptied more often. That is all time your employees are tending to shredding-related tasks rather than generating profit for your business.

Boost Productivity with Professional Shredding Services

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