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There are a few things many businesses want to know when seeking a third-party shredding service.  It’s the cost of document shredding services. Perhaps, you’ve saved some money by shredding in-house. 

Yet, there are a lot of caveats. First, you’re wasting man hours that could be used more productively.  In addition, you have to buy and maintain commercial-grade shredding equipment. 

Plus, you’ll pay for recycling services.  Also, you must comply with all applicable privacy and environmental laws in the process.  Let’s say, you start to add up the costs of shredding in-house. 

Thus, you may find them comparable to shredding services.  Still, the cost is always a factor.  Therefore, as a responsible business owner, you cannot ignore the bottom line. 

How much do document shredding services cost?  Here are a few things you should know. 

How Much Do Document Shredding Services Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question.  The amount you pay for document shredding services depends upon a variety of factors. 

For example, the volume of paper you’re shredding will impact the price.  Also, the location of shredding matters. 

Maybe, you hire a mobile document shredding service that performs document destruction on-site.  Perhaps, you plan to haul your own paper to an off-site location.

The number of scheduled visits for pick-up could affect the cost.  Also, cost is influenced by using in-office, locking bins.  These are provided by your shredding partner for secure paper collection. 

However, this may be worked into the overall price.  Do you want to scan and digitize data on hard copy prior to shredding?  If so, it may affect pricing. 

That said, you can definitely comparison shop.  In doing so, you’ll find the best services at the most affordable price. 

Up-Front Pricing

There are some important things to consider when comes to pricing for shredding services.  The first thing you need to understand is that some companies will quote you one price. 

Then, they tack on a lot of hidden fees after the fact.  Thus, you want to find a partner that offers competitive pricing. 

Additionally, they should also deliver an up-front pricing guarantee, in writing.  Therefore, you know what you’re paying from the get-go. 

Cost versus Savings

When calculating costs, you can’t forget to factor in the savings.  Thus, select the right Florida document shredding services. 

In doing so, you’ll guarantee savings of 40% or more over shredding in-house.  That’s the case when you switch to regularly scheduled pick-ups. 

Don’t forget what you stand to save in the long run, as well.  Be sure to choose a service that uses industrial shredding equipment. 

Also, they must comply with all applicable laws on your behalf.  Plus, they should securely transport and recycle paper remains.

Hence, you’ll save yourself from major issues.  This includes a data breach or identity theft.  This may result in fines, lawsuits, and loss of revenue and reputation.  That’s a load of potential savings.