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How Often Should Businesses in Sarasota Update Their Data Destruction Plan?

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Data destruction plans are vital for businesses that handle sensitive data. These plans detail each step of the data destruction process, including how employee data is handled and what methods are used to destroy it.

A recent trend has been towards paperless offices, but even an office with a completely digital filing system will still have hard copies of various documents. Any business that handles personal information must ensure the secure destruction of that data when the documents reach their expiration date.

How Often Should Businesses in Sarasota Update Their Data Destruction Plan?

Once a plan is in place, it’s important not to let it sit on a shelf. The needs of any business will change over time, and this should be reflected in its data destruction plan. Take advantage of these three major events as opportunities to review your company’s data destruction plan:

After an Increase in Staff Numbers

When your business grows, so does the number of employees who handle sensitive data. They might be new hires or workers who have acquired new responsibilities that require access to confidential information. 

It’s important to update the staff members listed on your data destruction plan to include all relevant new hires and adjust privacy policies accordingly.

After Changes in Legislation

The most important time that businesses need to update their data destruction plan is after changes in legislation. This need is especially dire if your business operates internationally. 

Even small changes in legislation can impact a data destruction plan. As a result, it’s important to review your policy on an annual basis to ensure compliance with all relevant laws.

After Major Changes to the Business

A business should update its data destruction plan whenever there is a change to the business structure. This change can include transitioning from an LLC to a corporation or adding partners to an existing partnership. 

When a company is sold or bought out by another company, it is imperative that the new owner understands how data is handled at all levels of the organization, including how confidential files are destroyed.

Get Help from ShredQuick with Your Sarasota Business’s Data Destruction Plan

When it comes to data destruction, many businesses in Sarasota would likely agree that they need to do a better job of it. In fact, many businesses don’t even have a plan. 

But keeping an updated data destruction plan can help keep your company compliant with applicable legislation and protect your important data from hackers and security breaches. 

To learn more about the data destruction services we offer at ShredQuick, please contact our friendly staff. We look forward to learning about how we can help your company. 

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