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How outsourcing your shredding keeps Sarasota businesses efficient and keeps employees focused on what they do best

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The typical Sarasota business is an operation with multiple moving parts. Multi-tasking is common in these companies, as employees need to perform well in several functions to keep the business afloat.

That makes it especially important to streamline standard office routines and duties as much as a business can. The more employees can perform the roles they were hired for, the better their focus and productivity will be.

One way to improve your company’s efficiency and output is to outsource tasks that must be done but get in the way of finishing more crucial work. Paper shredding is one such task, and having it done by a professional shredding company can improve your employees’ work in several ways.

Focus on more important tasks

Most small businesses don’t have entire units dedicated to records and data management — instead, they’re duties every worker in the office must do from time to time. When your office has stacks of discarded paper that needs to be destroyed, some employee must spend some portion of their workday standing over the shredder, feeding it one page at a time. That’s a waste of valuable time that can add up quickly.

Hiring an outside shredder takes that duty out of your employees’ hands, allowing them to spend time on more pressing, important responsibilities. Retaining the services of a mobile shredder also means your employees won’t lose part of their workday to hauling papers over to the shredding site.

Less office clutter

The cliché that “a clean office is the sign of a sick mind” isn’t true. It’s the mark of an efficient business. Employees who must navigate around multiple boxes of discarded paper in their working space have a harder time staying on task and finding items they may need. Regular document shredding keeps these obstacles out of the flow of business and helps workers accomplish more.

Less equipment maintenance

Like any piece of office equipment, in-house shredders suffer mechanical breakdowns occasionally and don’t last forever. Employees who must de-clog their paper shredder’s “teeth” or buy a replacement machine lose time better spent on work that builds the business. By outsourcing shredding to a contracting company, regular maintenance becomes a thing of the past. Workers spend more time and effort on the more important roles in their job descriptions.

Time-saving, productivity-building shredding services in Sarasota

ShredQuick takes the onerous task of paper shredding and recycling off employees’ shoulders so they can work on projects that build the business. Call us today to set up a regular schedule for paper and data destruction.

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