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Document destruction is an essential component of data security for your business. Additionally, it keeps you in compliance with privacy laws. Don’t fail to properly destroy documents containing confidential data, and put into secure shredding bins.

If you do, it could lead to all kinds of undesirable outcomes. These include identity theft and data breaches. Plus, it could lead to government penalties and lawsuits. Also, there’s loss of revenue and reputation to consider.

In other words, it’s important to make sure you’re doing all you can. You need to observe high security standards where document shredding is concerned. Accordingly, it may be time to hire a mobile document shredding company.

First, they destroy your documents on-site while you watch. Then, cart remains away to a secure recycling facility. Plus, they guarantee compliance with privacy laws. This includes the strict standards for HIPAA and FACTA.

A good service provider will also supply locking bins for use in your office. Why is this important? What benefits will you gain from using locking bins for document shredding?

Clear Clutter

Perhaps, you’re using open boxes or bins for employees to throw paper in for recycling. In that case, chances are you have some overflow and clutter between shredding.

In addition, employees might be tossing some paper in the trash. That includes paper that should go in the recycle bin. Also, there could be a lot of clutter on desks.

Getting locking bins is a great idea. It is a way to eliminate clutter in the area where paper is collected for shredding. That’s because bins are big enough to accommodate a large volume of paper.

Also, the slots are small to ensure that paper doesn’t fall out once it goes in. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to solidify your position on paper waste in general.

Now that you have locking bins in your office, you can create a “destroy all” policy. This instructs how employees throw all paper waste in shredding bins.

In doing so, there is no confusion about which documents going to be shredded, while others are safe to throw in the trash. Also, you can implement a clean desk policy. By doing so, documents containing sensitive data aren’t left lying around for anyone to see.

Increase Efficiency

Your shredding policies must be clear. Let’s say, you provide locking bins for documents. Plus, you clear the clutter around the office.

In the process, you’re going to reduce confusion and potential snafus. Also, you’ll increase efficiency. Additionally, your office will also look cleaner and more inviting.

Secure Documents Against Internal Theft

You probably take great pains to set up a digital data system. One that is complete with compartmentalization and password protections. Those are great ways to limit access to confidential data.

However, it does you little good if hard copies are floating around the office. They’re unsecured, for anyone to see. Thus, your Florida document shredding service is well prepared.

They’ll protect you against both external and internal threats. Locking bins are just one part of the overall security plan.