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How Shredding Services Can Help Your Naples Business Boost Sustainability

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You care about your business, and so you may be considering whether or not to make a connection with a professional shredding service, like ShredQuick, that provides on-site services to dispose of your paperwork.

Professional on-site shredding like ours is the best way to get rid of secure documents. There’s no middleman, and you can even watch the process happen on a video feed.

Besides security, what other benefits can a secure shredding service provide for your business?

The Statistics

In just the United States, every individual produces almost five pounds of paper waste a day, which ends up accumulating in the landfills across the country. In our culture of quick consumption and quicker waste-making, businesses add to the problem tremendously.

For the average American office, 70% of waste is paper related—30% of that paper never gets picked up, and 50% is thrown away before the end of the day. Sure, offices and other businesses aren’t the only reason paper makes up to 40% of the waste in landfills. Still, they’ve done their share of damage, which is why many businesses have taken steps to incorporate recycling into their work strategy.

What’s Worth Saving

Using a professional shredding service, like ShredQuick, for disposal of your confidential documents makes a big difference.

Even if you shred documents yourself, once you recycle that output, it just ends up in a landfill. That’s because paper shreddings can only be recycled in larger quantities. While a few pounds on its own might not do much, when we recycle paper shreddings, we do it by the ton.

With that ton of recycled paper, we can save 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. We can also save the resources that go toward turning trees into paper. Here’s what that look like:

  • 4000 kilowatts of energy
  • 380 gallons of oil
  • 7000 gallons of water
  • 17 trees

Recycling in bulk with a professional shredding service frees up more resources for creating reusable paper products. This will reduce your business’s carbon footprint and also help you conveniently dispose of unwanted material.

The ShredQuick Difference

We care about helping the businesses in our area thrive sustainably, and we want to make it easy for them. It’s why we pushed for our NAID AAA Certification, which means we meet the highest standards of secure disposal in the nation.

Call ShredQuick and see the difference yourself. We work for your benefit as much as the benefit of the environment.

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