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Do you partner with a mobile document shredding service? Do they shred your documents on-site?

If so, do you rely on a cardboard box or open plastic bin for documents?  In that case, everyone in your office dumps documents inside to shred eventually.

Usually, it is when the facilities manager or janitorial staff has time.  In reality, this is a major no-no.  After all, compliance with privacy laws is a must.

Therefore, protect the sensitive data on hard copies.  Do it the moment you print it out or receive them.  Actually, safeguard them until it is time to shred and recycle.

This is done by your document destruction service.  Thus, utilize locking bins.  These are designed to neutralize the threat of internal theft.

Perhaps, you trust your employees a great deal.  Really, you do not want to put their loyalty to the test. After all, dangling a carrot in front of them is not fair.

Did you know there are a variety of shred bins to choose from?  Which will best serve the needs of your office?  Here are a few things to consider.

Volume of Documents

How much paper does your office produce?  Actually, even small businesses produce a pile of documents daily.  Then, they wait a few weeks to shred.

In doing so, these add up to a small mountain of paper.  It needs to be disposed of.  Consider larger corporations with hundreds of employees on staff.

In reality, they produce a lot more paper.  In fact, the volume of documents you create determines the correct bin size for your office.

Essentially, there are choices of bins that accommodate 6 gallons through 175 gallons.  For reference, a 9-gallon bin allows about 30 pounds of paper.

However, keep in mind that larger, heavier bins take up more space.  Also, they’re more difficult to move when full.

Thus, place several smaller bins throughout your office.  This, in turn, is convenient.  Plus, it’s easy to pick up.

Use an experienced Florida document shredding service.  They advise you on the right bin for your document volume.

Frequency of Visits

Consider another factor.  It’s choosing the right shredding bins for your business.  Also, think about the frequency of visits by your document shredding service.

Maybe, you prefer smaller bins in your office.  However, do you produce a large volume of documents?  Perhaps, you don’t want them lingering on-site.

Therefore, it’s time to schedule pickup and shredding more frequently.