How to Choose The Right Shredding Company

Don’t Hire Any Shredding Company…
Until You’ve Asked Them These 10 Revealing Questions

If you’re looking for a shredding company but you’re just not sure which one to choose, then you may find this webpage useful. Our goal is to not only educate you on what to look for and look out for when choosing a shredding company, we also wanted to share with you the actual questions you may want to ask a shredding company to help in your evaluation process.
Before you hire a shredding company consider the 10 questions below, so that you can find the one that’s right for your organization.

1. What type of shredding services do you offer?

There are two types of shredding services. On-site shredding is the most secure because all confidential documents are shredded on-site, at your location. Off-site shredding is far less secure because your un-shredded confidential documents are stored in the back of a box truck all day before everything is brought back to the company’s facility for shredding. If you want the highest possible security, choose a shredding company that offers on-site shredding.

  • ShredQuick offers only highly-secure, on-site shredding.

2. Will any of your employees ever touch my confidential documents?

Off-site shredding companies get top dollar for recycling your paper, because they separate the white documents (like copy paper and stationery) from the colored documents (such as yellow legal paper and file folders). So if you choose off-site shredding, someone will hand sort all your confidential documents. This unwanted access to your confidential information can expose your customers to identity theft and fraud…and expose your organization to severe fines, bad publicity and lost business.

  • ShredQuick never touches your confidential materials for any reason.

3. Are you AAA Certified by NAID?

The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) acts as an independent auditor, checking a shredding company’s compliance in 22 critical areas, including everything from shred size to employee background checks. They award their highest rating, “AAA Certified,” to only a handful of companies that offer the ultimate in secure document shredding. In fact, of the 123 shredding companies operating in Florida, only 16 have been AAA Certified by NAID. But buyer beware! Some unscrupulous shredding companies will claim to be AAA NAID Certified just to get your business. Make sure to ask for a copy of their NAID AAA Certified certificate as proof of their standing.

  • ShredQuick is the only shredding company in the area to be AAA NAID Certified since 2002. Click here to verify our standing.

 4. Do you prescreen employees for criminal activity and also test them for drugs?

There are some people that you just don’t want anywhere near your office, especially if they might have access to your confidential information. Ask for proof that an independent auditor (like NAID) has reviewed the criminal background checks conducted by the shredding company on all their employees that come in contact with confidential information, and that these same employees undergo both pre-employment and random drug testing.

  • ShredQuick performs criminal background checks on all our employees and uses an independent firm to conduct both pre-employment and ongoing random drug tests of every single member of our organization. We also submit to an independent audit of these checks and tests by the NAID.

5. Do you offer an “On Time or No Fee” service guarantee?

You can’t afford to hire a shredding company that misses your pickup day because that means your security bins may be overflowing with confidential documents. It also increases the chance that these documents could fall into the wrong hands. Increase the odds that your shredding company will actually show up on time by insisting that they offer an “On Time or No Fee” service guarantee.

  • ShredQuick offers an “On Time or No Fee” Service Guarantee. If we miss your regularly scheduled
    appointment, we’ll shred your confidential information for free!

6. Can you shred three ring binders, CDs and hard drives or do you just shred paper?

Most shredding companies use outdated equipment that can’t shred anything but paper. That means someone may have to sift through your bins, take out the binders and snap open the rings to remove the documents. But there is a better way. Some shredding companies have invested in high tech shredding trucks. This technologically advanced equipment shreds everything, including paper, binders, CDs and even hard drives.

  • ShredQuick uses high-tech trucks that can shred almost anything from three ring binders to CDs and even hard drives

7. What kind of insurance protection do you provide?

All shredding companies provide general liability insurance to protect their customers in the unlikely event that confidential documents fall into the wrong hands. However, most limit this protection to $1,000,000. Additionally, few shredding companies take the extra step to supplement this coverage with errors and omissions Insurance. Make sure your shredding company provides at least $3,000,000 in general liability insurance as well as errors and omissions insurance.

  • ShredQuick exceeds industry standards with general liability insurance coverage of $3,000,000 as well as errors and omissions insurance.

8. Are there any hidden charges?

Some shredding companies will quote you a low, low price and then they’ll slam you with hidden fees like security fees, environmental surcharges and pick up fees. Other shredding companies charge by the minute to shred your documents, so you’re actually paying them to go slow. Get an exact quote in writing and always ask if there are any additional charges. That way you can be sure the price they quote is the price you’ll pay.

  • ShredQuick provides our services for a low fee, with no hidden charges.

9. Do you offer a lowest price guarantee?

Companies that use new high-tech shredding trucks shred nearly four times faster than their competitors. So they can afford to offer high security and great service…while still offering a lower price. Ask your shredding company if they will offer the guaranteed lowest price.

  • ShredQuick always offers the Guaranteed Lowest Price.

10. Will You Guarantee Savings Of 50% or More Over My Office Shredder?

All shredding companies will claim that it’s less expensive to use their on-going route service than it is to use your office shredder, but few will actually guarantee any savings.

  • ShredQuick guarantees that you’ll save 50% or more when you switch from your office shredder to our on-going route service…and we’ll even provide the tools to help you measure your results. If after 30 days you feel you’re not saving 50% or more, we’ll remove our security containers and refund your money, no questions asked.

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