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It’s critical to protect sensitive consumer data.  In fact, it’s a legal and ethical obligation for any company that collects it. 

This could include names, addresses, birth dates, and so on.  Additionally, this encompasses sensitive information like social security numbers, financial data, and more. 

In the case of the medical industry, there are privacy laws protecting information.  Additionally, there are regulations like HIPAA and HITECH.  They create stricter standards for the protection of data. 

These apply to digital and document destruction.  Perhaps, your medical practice or facility keeps x-rays on hand.  Thus, you need more than mobile document shredding. 

Also, you need to know how to dispose of x-rays.  Actually, recycling specialized images is different than standard document shredding. 

How to Dispose of X-Rays

As it turns out, x-rays can be recycled.  However, you must do so in keeping with strict regulations to protect patient privacy.  Failure to comply can compromise patient confidentiality. 

Additionally, it can lead to government penalties.  X-rays are recycled by weight.  This is important because you’ll receive a rebate based on this measurement. 

Certainly, you can recycle x-rays on your own.  Yet, there’s a lot of time and hassle involved.  This, in turn, leads many healthcare organizations to partner with third-party service providers. 

They manage the task for them.  This includes picking up x-rays for disposal. The trick here is to choose the right vendor for the job. 

You obviously need a service provider that understands HIPAA and HITECH rules.  Thus, you’ll ensure compliance when disposing of any form of patient data.  This includes x-rays. 

Plus, you need to compare pricing for services.  Also, make sure that you’re getting your rebate.  This can be hard to manage. That’s why a service provider should be up-front about weighing your x-rays and delivering rebate funds.

Choosing the Right Florida Document Shredding Service

Let’s say you’ve found vendors that will destroy both x-rays and x-ray jackets (which contain patient information).  Additionally, they keep with applicable privacy laws and industry standards. 

In reality, look for a company that verifies weight at the time of pickup.  Hence, you always have accurate knowledge of your rebate.  A company that offers instant payment of your rebate is ideal. 

Of course, security is the greatest concern.  Therefore, ask about extras like locking bins for on-site collection of x-rays. 

Also, inquire about regular pickup by certified professionals.  Plus, ensure protective measures every step of the way.  Get the right shredding partner on your side. 

In doing so, you can ensure that x-rays are safely and securely recycled.  Plus, you’ll get the rebates you’re due with less stress and greater accuracy.