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Shredding documents is more than a recommendation for business security. Privacy laws demand that confidential data be properly destroyed to protect consumers.

The best way to fight identity theft, on behalf of your business and your clients, is to hire a reliable document shredding service. Here’s how the right policies and procedures can help.

Stop Employee Blunders

Don’t leave it to employees. They shouldn’t be the ones to determine which pieces of paper should go in the trash.

Plus, they may not know which should be set aside for document destruction. Perhaps, you have a comprehensive policy in place. It outlines exactly which documents should be destroyed. Nonetheless, employees could still make errors.

The best chance to ensure the right documents get shredded is to create a mandate. All paper goes into locked bins for shredding.This will eliminate employee error. It’ll make everyone’s job easier. Additionally, it will ensure that confidential data remains secure.

Prevent Employee Theft

Not all threats to security come from outside your office walls. In some cases, employees are the ones to engage in an unscrupulous activity. Therefore, you don’t want to make it easy for them.

You most certainly put password protections in place for digital data. Additionally, you need to stop employees from accessing paper data they’re not meant to have.

Your mobile document shredding service should provide your office with locking bins for employees to dump documents in.

These bins will only be opened when the service collects them for shredding on-site, as you watch. Employees will have no opportunity to get their hands on sensitive data they shouldn’t have access to.

Minimize Data Storage

You’ve probably moved a lot of data into the digital realm at this point. Thus, why are you hanging onto hard copies? Digital redundancies are more convenient, if that’s what you’re worried about.

In fact, it could be a lot easier for thieves to break into your physical storage than your digital space. It all depends upon your security.

In other words, it’s probably a good idea to purge your backlog of records on hard copy. Your Florida document shredding service can even scan them to digital for you prior to destruction. This saves you time and hassle.

Thwart Dumpster-Divers

Can you throw documents in the trash? Sure. Can you shred them in-house, on your own? Of course you can. However, these options might not comply with all applicable privacy laws.

Something even worse can occur. Sophisticated thieves could nab bags full of paper shreds from your trash. They, they will use scanners and computer programs to reconstitute them.

Thusly, stealing data that you thought was destroyed. This will never happen when you rely on the services of a reputable document shredding service.