Is your records storage system is working properly? If so, any employee should be able to open a filing cabinet.

There, they’ll find the specific documentation needed to complete a relevant task. Is the file is in use? In that case, someone in authority will know where it is.

Older records will be systematically removed to offsite storage. Also, outdated documents will be set aside for document destruction.

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly how most offices are run. Your records storage system may only be slightly dysfunctional.

Maybe, it’s a whopping mess. This may significantly impact your performance and profits.

How can you tell if your records storage system is dysfunctional? How much is it affecting your business?

Here are a few identifying factors.


This is perhaps the best indication of a dysfunctional system. For starters, you probably have too many cooks in the kitchen.

Perhaps, every employee has access to files. As such, they’re tasked with pulling and replacing files on their own.

Thus, it’s no wonder items are scattered hither and yon. Everyone is bound to have different ideas about how and when to deal with filing.

In addition, you might be dealing with overflow born of years of disorganization. It has people searching through folders.

These contain files dating from today back to the company’s inception 40 years ago. Clutter indicates a major lack of organization and upkeep.

There is a solution. It’s to put one person or a team of people in charge of managing records. This includes checking them out, signing them back in, and refiling them.

Plus, they need to keep the records backlog organized and current files up to date. However, there is an alternative. Try hiring a mobile document shredding company.

They will digitize older records. Plus, they shred paper copies as a way to cut back significantly on clutter.

Misplaced or Missing Files

Employees require access to all kinds of data to get their job done. Therefore, a dysfunctional record storage system can make this impossible.

This is especially the case if files are often misplaced or even missing. In a well-managed system, this problem should never occur.

Yet, anyone can grab files, willy-nilly. They can keep them as long as they like with no oversight. In doing so, misplaced and missing files are bound to be a common occurrence.

Decreased Productivity

You might not mind the clutter and lost files so much. However, such inconveniences can really impact productivity.

Maybe, employees can’t complete work without needed files. Thus, they spend half the day trying to track them down. In fact, your company is losing man-hours in the process.

For this reason, it’s time to contract with a Florida document shredding service. They can streamline the document shredding process.

Plus, they scan hard copies to add to your digital database. In doing so, they’ll always be accessible with just a few quick clicks of the mouse.