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How to Keep You Identity Safe with Bradenton Document Destruction

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In order to keep themselves safe from property theft, many people lock their house and car doors on a regular basis as well as keep their wits about them when out on the street. Identity theft, while not as overt as a home invasion or stolen purse, can be just as damaging to your livelihood, if not more. Identity theft and fraud, whether concerning your personal information or that of your workplace, can compromise your finances, your credit, even your employment and personal relationships. One important way to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud in Bradenton is to regularly shred unneeded documents that contain confidential information.

One of the primary reasons that identity thieves are able to commit fraud in the first place is the fact that many people simply don’t know that their documents should be destroyed at all, let alone which documents to ensure the destruction of. Here are a few common materials containing personal information that should be destroyed once their purpose has been served:

Receipts and bills. Unless you plan on returning an item, receipts should be destroyed as soon as possible, particularly if they come from an ATM or bank. Hanging on to bills after payment is completed is unnecessary, and only puts you at risk for identity theft. In some cases, medical bills may be necessary to hold on to for approximately a year in case you should need to dispute totals with the hospital or your insurance provider, but you can shred the bill after that time has elapsed.

Pay stubs. Pay stubs are another document you may want to keep for about a year, or until you receive your tax documents. Once you confirm that all totals match up, you can shred your pay stubs in order to keep existing documents that display your personal information to a minimum.

Hard drives. If you’re planning to recycle an old hard drive or other data storage device, make sure that all data has been erased to prevent any breach of confidential information. In Bradenton, ShredQuick uses a degaussing machine to remove all electronic encoding from your device before shredding the hard drive and providing a certificate of destruction.

Any other document with personal information. Throughout life, there are many documents you’ll need to fill out that require personal information such as your social security number, address, credit card information, and more. Keep a copy in a safe, secured place if you need to, but shred all unneeded documents containing any information that could be used to steal your identity.


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