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Every company, big or small, is composed of data. That’s why data security is important.

Actually, each business has copious amounts of stored data. A lot of that data is sensitive or confidential. This includes employee records and bank accounts.

Additionally, it consists of client credit card information, medical records, and legal documents. All these things are dubbed as data.

In fact, the security of data within a company is very important. Thus, employers need to ensure their employees understand what data security is.

Also, they need to teach them why it is crucial to have it in their specific workplace. There’s a great way to highlight the importance of data security. It is by creating team activity events highlighting data security.

Here are a few options to use with your own employees:

Host a Trivia Night

Perhaps, you hold a meeting with employees. You talk about data security . Plus, you highlight the importance of document destruction. Really, they find this rather boring.

Instead, get people involved and to truly understand what data security is. Hosting a trivia night is a great idea.

First, make every company department a different team. Then, offer prizes to those who get the most answers correct.  

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

It’s important to inform each department of your company about data security. Ensure they’re aware of the ease of gaining access to sensitive information that hasn’t undergone document shredding.

Here’s a great idea. Have departments go on a timed scavenger hunt. The goal is locating as many unlocked computers or sensitive documents as possible within another department.

Thus, departments that already have a solid document management system in place will win.

Fake a Phishing Attack

In fact, data security goes beyond a lack of securing confidential documents. Also, it’s important that employees are aware of phishing emails.

Therefore, send out a fake phishing email that is convincing. Use your company’s logo, colors, real names, etc. Then, ask recipients for confidential information.

Let them know to send it back to the sender as quickly as possible. In doing so, employees that respond or send over the information requested, fail the “test.”   

Data security is something every employee should have ample knowledge of. Further, it is important to keep up-to-date with maintaining high levels of security.

Essentially, one of the best ways to do this is by employing a mobile document shredding company. Consider the Florida document shredding company, Shred Quick. They dispose of confidential data in a safe and secure manner.