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What will you do with your company’s shredded paper? Document destruction may be the best way to protect sensitive information from data thieves.

However, now the issue is how to get rid of the mess? Can businesses afford to get a little more creative? The answer is yes.

Document shredding can be a great tool for businesses that deal with a lot of privileged private info. Additionally, they desire to help the environment along the way.

In fact, using your mobile document shredding service helps your business. They protect the planet while keeping info safe from hackers, thieves, and data sharks.

Here’s how to make the most of your shredded paper.


Ask any Florida document shredding company. They’ll tell you that shredding will get rid of your sensitive documents.

Then, they will ensure it ends up in the right place. Mobile shredding companies have special services.

Essentially, they provide a business with the machinery to shred at high volume. Additionally, they’ll make pickups to transport shredded paper to the dump for recycling.

Also, they take care of more sensitive materials. This includes medical waste and electronic waste. In today’s climate, we can never underestimate the value of recycling.

In fact, 80 percent of American recyclable material is tossed into the trash can yearly. Thus, it’s up to businesses to do all they can to avoid contributing to this statistic.

It’s done by using a verified service rather than shredding by hand. Any document shredding service will help reduce the amount of landfill waste a company creates.

Hence, they safely make sure all shredded materials end up recycled rather than trashed. Hire a professional shredding service.

Actually, they don’t just put paper through the shredder and then send it to the recycling plant. These companies have a process.

They extract the ink from each strip of paper before the recycling process begins. In doing so, it forms new, blank sheets of reusable paper and paper products.


Many people assume that paper naturally decomposes. That, in turn, allows for a relatively harmless alternative to traditional recycling.

However, this is far from the case. In truth, paper makes up a shockingly high percentage of toxic waste in America once it becomes pulp.

However, in the right hands, recycled paper can become a force for environmental good. Thus, using shredded paper in compost bins can help break down food waste.

Additionally, mixing shredded paper with mulch can help home gardens thrive. It’s done by fighting weeds and giving growing plants something to chew on.

Place shredded paper is in the right environment. By doing so, it’s able to create life rather than pollute our world.