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How to Make Your Workforce More Productive in Naples

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If you’re a manager or company owner, your dream is to have hardworking, smart employees who never complain. These magical employees stay late, give their best ideas to the company, and refuse to take vacation or sick time. Even though this is unrealistic, there are time-tested techniques you can use to get the best performance possible out of your staff.

Improve the Work Environment

Create a pleasant atmosphere through cheerful, happy decor. Comfortable office furniture, well-stocked break rooms and vending machines, ergonomic keyboards, desks, and mice all contribute to maintaining motivated, healthy employees. 

Foster trust between your workers through team-building exercises, quash gossip and rumors, encourage an atmosphere of respect, and reward employees’ performance. If your workers don’t trust each other, you’ll never have the productivity you’re looking for.

Use Shared Time Wisely

People can always make more money, but the one thing no one can ever get more of is time. Except, you can give them more time. That doesn’t mean letting everyone leave at noon and take nine weeks of vacation per year. It means using work time for the most productive tasks possible. Some ways you can respect employee time are:

Don’t Schedule Unnecessary Meetings

If you can easily convey your message via phone call or email, you should. Meetings can drag on, keeping employees from performing more important tasks.

Avoid Multitasking

Employees stretched in multiple directions end up performing worse than if they stayed focused on one job. Give your workers a directive and help them stick to it until they finish.

Eliminate Interruptions

When an employee gets pulled away from a task, it takes effort and time to pick up where they left off. Noise-canceling headphones are a great way to filter out unwanted noise in certain environments. For example, if a message isn’t urgent, use email rather than call.

Set Goals

Your company needs a strong vision. Do your employees feel like the company is working towards something, or just existing and filling space? Make your workers feel like their part of something larger. Show them that their actions make a difference. By simply having goals, many employees will work harder and longer without even being asked.

Give your employees goals, too! Your employees need opportunities to learn and grow in your organization. Offer continuing education in areas of passion that also benefit the company’s vision. Create a career path with real growth. Rather than being afraid your employees will leave once they acquire enough skills, you’ll find their loyalty only increases.

Respect Privacy

Each employee’s personal lives belong to them. Maintaining separation between work and home life is healthy and normal. Those emails about the new project can wait until Monday. That phone call about the new computer system doesn’t need to interrupt dinner. If your employees don’t want to share personal information at work, don’t ask them to, and encourage your staff to do the same. Employees that feel safe in their work environment will perform their best.

Clear Clutter (with ShredQuick)

Speaking of privacy, every company has documents and data they must keep away from prying eyes. These documents can also pile up and create a messy workspace, which is scientifically proven to reduce productivity. 

When it’s time to get rid of your sensitive files or disk drives, trust ShredQuick. We’ll come right to your office or home with our mobile shredder. Your documents or hard drives go in, and the information never comes out! After the shredding is complete, you get a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), and the shredded documents get recycled, never to be recovered. Contact us today and protect your information permanently.

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