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Likely, your business collects data related to finances, projects, and customer interactions.  Nowadays, there are many affordable on-site and cloud storage options. Potentially, you could keep it all forever. 

That said, you don’t necessarily want that risk and responsibility.  What happens if a theft occurs?  Certainly, you don’t want to retain unnecessary data. 

That’s because it could end up causing more harm than good.  To some degree, laws govern how you store and destroy data. 

Actually, in some cases, they dictate the amount of time to store it. Often, they have requirements for when to destroy it.  However, as a business owner, you need to create specific policies for data management. 

What should you do with inactive business files?  How do you know to give hard copies and hard drives to your Florida document shredding partner?

Know the Law

There are certain types of files you may need to keep in perpetuity.  Other kinds are subjected to proper document destruction when no longer needed. 

In some cases, you may have to destroy consumer data upon request.  Let’s say a customer rescinds their consent to have personal data stored or used.

In that case their data must be destroyed.  It’s important to understand privacy laws.  Additionally, learn your industry’s rules and regulations.

These include those spelled out in HIPAA, FACTA, or other industry-specific legislation.  In doing so, you’re in compliance with secure data storage and destruction. 

Saving vs. Destroying Data

Maybe, you’re ready to give outdated documents and hard drives to your mobile document shredding service.  Thus, you need a system to determine which active files and data are eligible for destruction.

Remember, this must be in compliant with applicable laws.  This requires you to create policies related to data destruction.

First, files can be marked accordingly with dates of destruction.  Then, schedule system clean-ups periodically. This eliminates outdated or inactive files. 

Scanning to Digital

Perhaps, you’ve decided to go paperless and get rid of years’ worth of paper records.  Maybe, you’ve run out of storage space for physical files.

In either case, you’ll have to decide which data to keep and what needs destruction.  Is there data you still need for active accounts?

If so, your document shredding service can scan documents before destroying them.  Thus, it ensures the maintenance of needed data. 

You might think this is ideal for preserving all records.  Yet, keep in mind that saving unneeded data can prove risky. 

It’s best to have a plan in place.  It should include both data storage and destruction.  Thus, you can properly manage all of your business files.