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How to Plan an End-of-the-Summer Document Purge for Your Orlando Business

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Soon, summer will come to an end, children will return to school, and many parents will go back to work. If you’ve been working in a practically empty office the past year or so, you may have put off organizing and cleaning your workspace. Hey, maybe the return of employees is the motivation you need to get started! But where do you begin?

Organize All Your Papers

First, comb the entire office and gather all the files and documents you can get rid of. If you worked from home or run your business remotely over the last year, check your home office or workspace thoroughly. 

Make a stack of documents to purge and a pile to keep. Be sure not to throw away any records that have retention guidelines based on your business’s industry.

Properly Dispose of Documents You No Longer Need

The stack of documents that you set aside to purge must be disposed of properly. Most of the documents likely hold confidential information, so you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. Shredding paperwork is a definite way to ensure it has been destroyed. Contact a reliable shredding service like ShredQuick to learn more about your paper-shredding options. We can even shred hard drives! 

Organize Your Computer

Digitize all your documents; that way, they’re organized in one place and easy to search through. This process will also lessen the risk of information theft since records and documents are much harder to track than digital information and often get lost or misplaced. 

Since COVID-19 had us all working remotely, don’t forget to organize your home computer. Declutter your desktop by removing folders and files you no longer need or use. If you’ve used tablets, laptops, and USB sticks for work purposes, then include those in your process.

Review Existing Company Policies 

It’s a good idea to schedule regular policy updates for employees. Refresh employees on how to handle and dispose of confidential information. Conduct risk assessments regularly.  

Purge Safely with ShredQuick!

When you purge all the documents you no longer need, you improve your business’s security and reduce the risk of a data breach or identity theft. Let ShredQuick help with your end-of-the-summer purge project and protect your confidential information. We will destroy your physical and digital records safely, so you can rest easy knowing that your business and personal information are safe.  

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