Each year, it comes time to prepare and file taxes. During tax time many businesses can find themselves in a mad dash.

They must locate needed files, receipts, and other documents. They need to fulfill their obligations to disclose earnings and expenditures to the IRS.

Currently, you’ve got security measures meant to protect against threats like identity theft and breaches. However, these can fall by the wayside.

Perhaps, you have strict policies and programs in place. Yet, consider data security and document destruction.

There is a lot of stress to file taxes on time. This can lead to shortcuts that compromise the protections you have in place.

This, unfortunately, can lead to far worse outcomes than filing taxes late. Breaches could result in government penalties, loss of business, lawsuits, and more.

Consequently, how can you protect your business from fraud during tax time?

Digital Protections

Sure, you already have a firewall and antivirus software in place. However, tax season is a good time to clean house.

You must ensure that your security measures are up-to-date with the latest protections. Also, this is a good time to revisit password protections and policies.

Maybe, you don’t require employees to create new passwords frequently. In that case, you should implement a policy. It will require that they renew passwords regularly. Let’s say, every three months.

Additionally, you should provide a refresher course. You need to stress why it’s important to use strong passwords and keep them private.

Physical Protections

There is a lot of paperwork flying around during tax time. Thus, it’s easy for documents containing sensitive data to get lost in the shuffle.

There is one great way to prevent theft, fraud, and breach. It’s implementing proper document shredding policies.

This includes shred-all and clean-desk policies. They prevent important documents from falling into the wrong hands. Your best bet is to work with a reputable Florida document shredding service.

First, they’ll place locked bins in your office. In doing so, employees can’t access documents once they’ve been disposed of.

From there, your mobile document shredding company destroys documents on-site. Finally, they haul the shreds to a secure recycling facility.


They say a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how great your protections and policies are.

In fact, they’re worthless if employees drop the ball. There’s something to do before tax season gets underway.

You might want to provide mandatory training. Thus, you’ll teach or remind employees how to behave in a safe and secure manner.

This includes avoiding digital dangers (from phishing scams, downloads, and so on). Once they’ve been trained, your employees will understand and follow all office policies regarding data protection.