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How to Purge Shred

Most companies manage a large amount of paperwork on a daily basis. Thus, they will eventually need to get rid of these documents. That’s because the information becomes obsolete.

Purge shredding is a great option. Truthfully, it lets you easily get rid of many old documents at once. This solution is both convenient and cost-effective.

Also, it allows businesses to safely and securely complete document destruction. This is especially important when disposing of confidential records.


Purge shredding is a method of performing bulk document shredding. It’s done in one instance.

In reality, there are commercial shredding companies offering mobile document shredding services. They use trucks containing industrial shredders.

These machines allow the completion of massive purging projects. First, the trucks come to the business. Then, they process the documents onsite.

In fact, the shredders are capable of handling thousands of pounds of documents per hour. This, in turn, makes the process both quick and simple.


Perhaps, you find that your business is currently in any of the following situations. In that case, it’s a good time to consider purge shredding.

  • You have a large number of files piling up in your office that are outdated.
  • You are looking for a one-time solution for getting rid of a large volume of documents. Also, you do not require ongoing shredding services.
  • You need to securely remove and destroy confidential data.

Typically, businesses request professional purge shredding when performing their annual spring cleaning. However, purge shredding services are available to companies at any time of the year.


Commercial shredding companies usually offer both mobile and offsite shredding options.

Mobile shredding is when the vendor visits the business onsite. Then, they perform purge shredding. This is done using trucks equipped with industrial-grade shredders.

Offsite purge shredding is a little different. It occurs when the vendor picks up containers of discarded documents. Next, they’re taken offsite to a facility. Then, they are destroyed.

Both options come with major benefits. This is especially true for businesses looking for a simple way to declutter their file cabinets. Their goal is to keep client data safe.

Purge shredding services are both quick and affordable. Additionally, purge shredding allows companies to securely destroy confidential information. In doing so, companies remain compliant with both state and federal data protection laws.

Also, commercial shredding companies provide businesses with certificates of destruction. These, in turn, guarantee that no data was compromised during the destruction process.


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