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How to Safeguard Confidential Information for Your Ft. Myers Business

Of course, every Florida business is obligated to keep consumer data secure.  Really, you’re ethically bound to protect your customers’ sensitive information.  Yet, consumer privacy laws demand more. 

In fact, you’re responsible for protecting against a data breach and identity theft.  Truly, both could impact your customers.  These days, safeguarding confidential information is not easy.  It seems like hackers and scammers are one step ahead. 

However, there are measures you can take to protect your Ft. Myers business.  By doing so, you’ll keep both company and consumer data safe.  Here’s what you should know. 

Digital Defenses

Certainly, you defend your networks
against unwanted intrusion.  Yet, that
doesn’t begin and end with a firewall and antivirus software.  Additionally,
there are tools like password protection for devices and accounts.  Also, a VPN required for remote access.  Plus, encryption to minimize the threat of
stolen data. 

Furthermore, you can centralize
and manage users.  In doing so, you can be
aware of strange activity.  Of course,
you can outsource to MSPs.  They’ll monitor
and manage network security on your behalf. 

Nowadays, businesses utilize
several layers of security to stop or at least slow hackers.  In doing so, they’re defending themselves
against any trouble, before damage can be done. 

IT Asset Disposition

Really, protecting networks and
devices while they’re in use is an ongoing struggle.  However, what about when you upgrade IT
equipment? Then, you’ll have to deal with a stockpile of old, unused
electronics.  Legally, you can’t
just toss e-waste. 

That’s because it breaks both
environmental and consumer privacy laws. In fact, this is where IT asset
disposition comes into play.  Hence, find
the right Florida shredding company.  They can help with equipment recycling and
hard drive shredding services. 

Accordingly, your shredding
partner will comply with laws and industry regulations.  These are specific and regard shredding.  Therefore, no need to worry about your
digital data falling into the wrong hands. 

Scheduled Document Shredding

Unfortunately, digital data is
only one form stored by many businesses.  Likely, you have plenty of hard
copies with confidential information, as well.  Now, it’s time to dispose
of old documents.  Thus, you need a
trusted Ft. Myers shredding service to manage it for you. 

First, a professional service provides
locking bins for your office.  Then, they
empty them on a schedule.  They shred on-site
as you watch.  Then, they cart remains to
a secure recycling facility.  Finally,
they’ll provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records. 

Therefore, store and dispose of
data appropriately.  This includes both digital
and hard copy formats.  Consequently, you
have the best chances of keeping information confidential.

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