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Document destruction is an integral part of day-to-day office practices. Of course, you must protect confidential information. Also, you need to reduce overall office clutter.

Plus, you want to keep documents up to date. Thus, document shredding is common and needed in the workplace. In reality, simple tasks become complicated and time-consuming if done inefficiently.

Inefficient Disposal Practices

Some practices that make document destruction inefficient are:

  • Removing staples and paperclips from documents.
  • Separating files into portions that are easier to shred.
  • Hand-feeding documents into a shredder.
  • Emptying and cleaning the shredder.
  • Dumping shredded materials into a dumpster.

These practices may seem beneficial in theory. Yet, they are really impeding overall productivity and profitability. This is because they are incredibly time-consuming.

Simplify the way that your office disposes of various kinds of information. In doing so, it’s beneficial for your overall bottom line.

Here are a few ways to simplify your office information disposal practices:

Consider the Dates

Don’t keep documents with expired information longer than is necessary. Otherwise, it creates privacy risks for your company.

In fact, once a document has reached its expiration date, dispose of it properly. Also, consult with an attorney.

They’ll ensure your retention and disposition schedule is properly aligned with laws and regulations.

Shred Regularly – But Not by Hand

Hire a mobile document shredding company. They come directly to your office at regularly scheduled times. Consider Florida document shredding company, ShredQuick.  

They go to your location to shred your documents. Actually, they use professional- high-powered equipment. Hence, shredding takes a matter of seconds.

Plus, you won’t waste time shredding your documents by hand. Often, this results in security risks. That’s especially true if the shredded documents aren’t disposed of or shredded correctly.

Choose One Vendor for Information Destruction

Maybe, you use one vendor for paper shredding and another vendor for media destruction. In reality, this is a bad idea.

It creates confusion and complications due to multiple contact lists and invoices. Therefore, find a vendor that shreds paper documents.

Additionally, select one that offers services to destroy devices. This includes hard drives and other electronics that hold sensitive information.

There are laws in place regarding how you destroy certain kinds of information. Thus, it is important to seek a vendor out that is certified.

Also, they must be able to issue your company a Certificate of Destruction. This document proves that you have complied with information destruction laws.