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How to Uphold Secure Shredding Practices with Remote Employees in St. Petersburg

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Businesses of all kinds need to have effective procedures in place for maintaining information security. A major part of those procedures is often the routine or bulk secure shredding of paper documents.

While this hasn’t presented too much of a challenge for offices in the past, the number of employees working remotely has complicated the process. Now, businesses need to understand how to handle paper documents with remote work arrangements.

Make Sure Employees Understand Their Responsibilities

While plenty of thought has to go into planning proper document handling in an office environment, the actual day-to-day process can become a simple routine. It’s easy to follow these procedures in the office where everything is clear and planned out, but what are employees to do at home?

Remote work often involves adjustments in many different areas. Employees need to understand that they bear certain responsibilities when it comes to proper document handling and respect the importance of sticking to those procedures. While this can be simple to implement in the office, companies can struggle to do so remotely.

Use Digital Documents

One way to improve paper document security in remote work is to reduce the use of paper documents when possible. By scanning documents and relying on digital copies, remote work employees won’t have to spend as much time managing paper documents and will be able to effectively implement solutions for remote workplaces.

Make Sure Document Retention Rules Are Followed

When handling paper documents, it’s important to remember that many different types of documents have retention periods mandated by law. HIPAA and other regulations can require that copies are kept of certain documents. In most cases, it’s best to rely on digital copies for remote work and keep paper copies at the main office.

Organize Your Bulk Shredding

The dispersed nature of remote work can make it challenging to schedule routine shredding. Instead, companies can focus on having remote employees bring their documents together at predetermined times in order to make use of bulk shredding, providing a more versatile approach for a more complex work environment.

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