This digital age has information and communications readily available through online channels. Thus, businesses have more opportunity than ever to reach and cater to consumers. Unfortunately, the saying about letting the bad in with the good applies here. When companies go digital and operate in the online arena, they can significantly increase security concerns.

Of course, security risks exist not only outside a company’s walls but within. They can affect the information in both digital and hard copy. The good news is you can implement protections on both fronts.

You’ve likely put a lot of money into firewalls, antivirus programs, and other forms of digital protection. Conversely, you may have neglected to protect your hard copies. Get a reputable Florida document shredding service on your side. By doing so, you can reduce threats and increase security. Here’s how.

External Threats

Hackers are a major concern for companies large and small these days. Though, don’t forget that a data breach doesn’t have to be digital. Perhaps your idea of document destruction is crumpling pages and throwing them in the trash. Thus, you could be making information theft as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

Thieves need only get into your trash to steal sensitive data. Maybe you do document shredding in-house before tossing documents. Then, thieves may be able to reconstitute them and access confidential information. They use scanners and sophisticated software.

With professional help, you won’t have this problem. Your documents will be shredded on-site (while you watch). High-end, cross-cut equipment that shreds paper so finely it would be impossible to reassemble are used. Then, the remains are carted to a secure recycling facility. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about thieves getting their hands on sensitive data.

Internal Threats

Sadly, not all threats to security come from the outside. You also need to take precautions against theft from within. Accordingly, mobile document shredding service can help you here, as well.

You should choose a company that takes security as seriously as you. They should provide your office with locking bins for employees to put their documents in. This will stop coworkers from sifting through documents. They won’t be able to steal sensitive data they shouldn’t have access to.

Documents in these bins will be accessed only when the document shredding company comes to pick them up for shredding and disposal. In short, the right document destruction service can improve security on every front.