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Naturally, you’re a responsible business owner.  Therefore, you make sure to comply with applicable privacy laws and industry regulations.

Both are designed to keep confidential consumer data secure.  This is critical with financial information that customers entrust to you.

In fact, you already encrypt digital information.  Also, you use a qualified mobile document shredding company.

Unfortunately, following rules and regulations may not be enough.  After all, you are trying to stop would-be thieves from accessing sensitive data.

Ignorance, negligence, or even a careless attitude could all spell trouble for your company.  Thus, it may result in confidential financial data falling into the wrong hands.

What can you do to prevent this and protect your clientele?  Here are a few important tips to implement.

Adopt a Clean Desk Policy

On any given day, your office goes through a lot of paper.  Thus, it leaves a clutter of hard copies stacked on desks from one day to the next.

In reality, some of these documents contain sensitive financial information.  This is the kind that certain employees shouldn’t have access to.

Of course, you won’t allow them access in digital space.  Also, you don’t want data left lying out in the open.  In fact, this is a recipe for disaster.  That’s because certain documents may accidentally be thrown in the trash.

Perhaps, they were slated for the document shredding bin.  The easy answer is to adopt a clean desk policy.  Therefore, all desks must be free of paperwork before employees leave for the day.

Keep hard copies organized and locked in filing cabinets.  In doing so, it significantly reduces the risk of theft.

Adopt a Shred-All Policy

Many companies make a common error.  Actually, they create document destruction policies that are too complex.  This leaves employees confused about what needs to be shredded.

Maybe, they don’t know what’s okay to go in the trash.  The good news is that there’s an easy way to address this problem.  It’s creating a shred-all policy.  This policy applies to every piece of paper in your office.

It must either be securely filed for safekeeping or thrown in the bin for shredding.  Paper should never go in the trash, no matter how trivial the data may seem.  Also, this ensures all paper is recycled.

Train Employees Accordingly

Currently, you have security policies adopted to keep confidential data out of the wrong hands.  Hence, you need to ensure your employees are aware of and understand your directives.

Proper training is essential.  That’s the case, even when you partner with a trusted Florida document shredding company.  They do most of the heavy lifting for you.