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In-house shredding vs. outsourced shredding for your Sarasota business

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Document shredding is how most Sarasota businesses keep customer and company confidentiality. Many of them opt for paper shredders they can pick up at the nearest office supply store. They’re easy to use, easy to install, and usually affordable.

Unfortunately, retail shredders don’t do the job — at least not to the extent that’s necessary for Sarasota companies to maintain modern standards of security and operations. Thankfully more local businesses are turning to outsourced, professional shredders to handle data destruction. Here are some reasons why.

Outsourced shredding is more cost-effective. An in-house shredder costs a lot more than just a one-time price for the equipment. It also takes your employees away from regular duties, requires a lot of regular blade maintenance, wastes a lot of time, requires clean-up and waste disposal, and will eventually have to be replaced. A professional shredding company takes all those responsibilities off your back, saving you effort and capital down the line.

Outsourced shredders have high quality standards. Professional shredders maintain a high baseline to ensure the quality of work and customer satisfaction. They meet the minimum requirements for data destruction. They only use approved disposal or recycling centers to dispose of their documents. Their prime directive is to protect your company from legal exposure that arises from data theft, so they must meet or exceed the standards set for their business.

Outsourced shredders ensure compliance. Certain business sectors are overseen by professional organizations with strict standards for the handling and destruction of personal data. Some localities have legislation that regulates customer and client privacy. Businesses must follow these stipulations, and the surest way to do so is to have their data destruction processes officially certified by a third party. All professional shredding companies provide that documentation after they finish your job, so you can use it to prove your compliance with authorities. You can’t provide that certification yourself.

Outsourced shredders handle more than just paper. In-house shredders only work on hard copies and paper documents. Those obviously aren’t the only items in your office that hold sensitive information: computer hard drives, discarded smartphones, flash drives, even ancient CD-ROMs can all be used by enterprising thieves. Professional shredders can take care of destroying those items in addition to your paperwork.

Outsourced shredders help you keep to a schedule. With an outsourced shredder, you ensure that your data destruction process happens on a dependable, regular basis. There’s no guesswork about whether your employees remember to take care of shredding. Having a consistent schedule in place takes this burden off your shoulders.

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