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Of course, you keep up with document shredding. Maybe, you’ve invested in a high-tech security system. Perhaps, you have cameras outside of your office.

Overall, you think you’re a pro at protecting your company from various security risks. Unfortunately, there are many information security risks within a company.

Actually, many businesses overlook them. That’s because they seem relatively minor on the surface. Here are five kinds of workplace information security risks to be on the lookout for:

Unattended Mobile Devices

Maybe, mobile devices are left unattended on your employees’ desks. If so, it increases hacking and theft risks. How do you reduce the risks associated with unattended mobile devices?

First, ensure that employees do not leave their mobile devices unattended. Also, require password protection for all mobile devices. Additionally, direct employees to encrypt their sensitive files.

Old Hard Drives

Old hard drives are often loaded with confidential data. Thus, ensure that your old hard drives are not hacked. To do this, employ a mobile document shredding service.

Consider Florida document shredding company, Shred Quick. They come to your office. Then, they properly dispose of your old hard drives. They do it in a safe and secure manner.

Cluttered Desks

Desks littered with documents are easy targets. That’s because sensitive data is easily obtained by stealing or copying a loose document.

Therefore, implement a clean-desk policy in the workplace. In doing so, you’ll help alleviate any risks associated with stolen documents.

Recycling Paper Documents

Naturally, recycling is always encouraged. Yet, when it comes to recycling paper documents, be wary. Identity thieves are notorious for lifting confidential information from recycling and trash containers.

How do you reduce your risk of identity theft? First, it’s important to clarify certain document destruction rules. Teach your employees how to get rid of a document.

Explain that the document must be properly shredded. It should never be tossed into the recycling bin.

Open Offices

Offices that utilize an open-concept floorplan are more susceptible to security risks. Visual hacking, mobile device theft, and document theft are all easier in an open office.

Hence, remind employees never to leave their work unattended. Also, clarify that their equipment must be properly powered down or locked. They need to do this whenever they leave their desks.

Indeed, it’s important to trust your coworkers and employees. Additionally, it’s vital to remember that security breaches happen. In fact, even in the most trustworthy of workplaces are vulnerable.

Therefore, ensure that these workplace information security risks are managed. In doing so, your office will maintain a safe and trustworthy working environment.