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Is it time to declutter your Tampa office?

A old, dirty and broken down desk.

Office clutter can take a long time to build up. Sometimes it happens so progressively that the typical Tampa office doesn’t realize how stray items are piling up. At some point, if the issue isn’t addressed, clutter can affect your office’s effectiveness and productivity.

Since it’s often so hard to notice, it’s worth taking stock in your surroundings to identify whether any of these issues are happening and you need to start cleaning house:


You cant find anything

Where’s that manila file you had on your desk a couple of weeks ago that you desperately need right now? Where’s that thumb drive you took out of your laptop when you got back from that business trip? For that matter, where’s that coffee mug your kid got you for your birthday?

The surest sign that you need to spend quality time decluttering your office is that you can’t find anything you need quickly. The more organized and orderly your office is, the better it runs. Developing a more mindful organized approach to your personal space isn’t that hard to do.

There are offices, cabinets, or desks that you always avoid

Cluttered offices are not popular places. File cabinets that are overstuffed or tightly packed raise hackles on the back of the neck. Opening an enclosed area that’s about to spill over can result in major feelings of terror or anxiety. Sometimes, the approach we take to such places or items is simply not to approach them at all.

That’s not the best way to run an office. When you avoid certain things or places, you’re not accessible items or information that could play a vital part in your operations. Clearing out the clutter gets rid of those feelings of avoidance.

You hoard

Many of us have a tough time letting go. That’s understandable if we have kids leaving home for college or our favorite restaurant closes for good. It’s less so if we’re just not throwing out magazines from five years ago or keeping every take-out menu that’s ever been delivered to the office.

Some hoarders are self-aware and know they have a problem keeping things around for a long time. Others don’t realize they’re doing it. But the result is always the same: a crowded, messy, out-of-reach environment in which it’s hard to get anything accomplished.


Help with your decluttering project

ShredQuick helps dozens of Tampa businesses regain their sense of clarity by removing all the documentation, old technology, and items that stand in the way. Contact us to find out how we can restore your office sanity.

Oct 10, 2020

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