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Is Ripping Up Paper as Secure as Shredding It in Clearwater?

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Ripping up a piece of paper seems final. The information is unreadable, and putting it back together would be a pain. The problem is that some information is sufficiently worth stealing, such as trade secrets or financial information. In these cases, someone may take the time to “unshred” the documents. 

Standard office shredders aren’t much better than ripping up the paper by hand, either. Patient thieves or computer software programs can put the long strands back together again and access important and confidential information you thought you had destroyed.

Legal Requirements

Some industries require thorough destruction of documents, such as financial institutions or medical fields. Their documents contain information that could lead to identity theft, blackmail, and other violations of privacy.

The confidentiality regulations in these industries come with stiff penalties for non-observance. That’s why most businesses take security measures to ensure no sensitive information can leak. Some examples are authentication, encryption, access controls, backup and recovery, computer and paper shredding. The list goes on and on.  

Usually, when shredding documents and old data that’s no longer needed, companies hire shredding services that can offer proof of destruction with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). A Certificate of Destruction from a reputable shredding service can help these industries prove they’ve done everything in their power to avoid information falling into the wrong hands.

Who Handles the Ripped-Up Paper?

Once a ripped-up document is out of your hands, where does it go? If you toss it into the trash or recycling bin at your office, the information on those documents is no longer secure. Torn-up files have been retrieved by corporate spies and thieves looking to exploit the information for their benefit. Sounds silly, but it’s true! Personally, burning or recycling every document would be a considerable time investment and isn’t feasible, so there must be another method.

Secure Shredding with ShredQuick

When you choose ShredQuick as your Clearwater FL shredding partner, you’re trusting a National Association for Information Destruction AAA-Certified service. When we come on-site to shred your documents, all papers go into a secure bin that no one can access but our shredding experts themselves. 

We take the contents of that bin and place them directly into the mobile shredder while you witness the entire process. Once we finish shredding all of your documents (every last one!) we hand you a Certificate of Destruction and leave you with peace of mind! Don’t rip up those old documents by hand. Instead, call ShredQuick and protect your company and your clients.

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