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“I should recycle more” has likely been uttered at least once by a majority of the adult population. Of course, you’re recycling things like cardboard boxes and plastic containers. Additionally, when disposed of properly, shredded materials are recyclable.

Is Shredding Recycling?

Document shredding is not a one-step process. In fact, after documents are shredded, they need to be disposed of. Thus, there’s a way to properly dispose of your shredded materials.

Actually, the method matters. Perhaps, a homeowner or a business shreds documents. Then, they bring those materials to a recycling center.

In doing so, said materials will end up in a landfill. That’s because they haven’t been properly bagged. Maybe, the shreds are not the correct size.

Document destruction or shredding is imperative for documents with sensitive information. This includes bank account information, social security numbers, and more.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure the disposal of your shredded materials safely and securely. Sometimesshredded materials can be recycled. 

Hence, there’s something to do when shredding and disposing of your materials. It’s checking with your local recycling center. They’ll let you know their requirements for recycling shredded paper.  

Mobile Document Shredding

There’s an excellent way to ensure that your shredded materials and data are properly disposed of and recycled. This is done by hiring a professional data-and-document shredding service.

Choose a company like Florida document shredding company, Shred Quick. They offer mobile document shredding services. In fact, they come to you. Then, they destroy, shred, and recycle your documents.

Further, professional shredding companies safely dispose of electronics through e-waste recycling. Consequently, e-waste recycling safely disposes of the hazardous components of the electronic items.

It’s done without compromising the electronics themselves. In doing so, certain materials can be reused. E-waste recycling differs from state-to-state. That’s because each state has specific laws regarding recycling electronic waste.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Your Shredded Materials

Many materials in our landfills shouldn’t be there. Thus, research the e-waste recycling laws in your state. Then, make it a point to dispose of your e-waste properly. In doing so, you’ll reduce the number of materials in local landfills.

Additionally, ensure you are properly bagging your shredded documents. Also, hire a document shredding company. They shred and recycle your documents.

Hence, you’ll do your part ensuring your local community and environment thrives. Perhaps, your recycling center does not accept shredded materials. In that case, another disposal option is to compost your shredded paper materials.