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Is the Shredding Service You’re Currently Using A Good Fit?

Today, businesses are under constant threat of data breaches. This includes identity theft and other security risks. Therefore, they must be vigilant. In fact, it’s time to implement plans to manage sensitive files.

Consider employee records, internal processes, and client data. In truth, all are vulnerable to theft or related compromise. Often, the results of such a breach are disastrous. Thus, many savvy businesses have adopted document shredding. In doing so, they rest assured their information is destroyed.

What about document retention procedures specific to your Florida business? In truth, they are an excellent start. Yet, eventually, the amount of paperwork is too much. That’s where a professional shredding company comes in.

Now, is your current shredder the best fit for your company? Of course, many shredding services offer on-site, mobile, or on-demand services. Additionally, some create a custom schedule at your convenience. Here’s what to consider when selecting a new or evaluating an existing shredding service:

What Kind of Volume Do You Generate?

First, ask the shredding service how much material is involved. Then, plan and estimate the volume you have on hand. Also, consider how much you’ll create in the future. Perhaps, you have more paper than fits inside a grocery bag. Maybe, it won’t fit into a banker box or legal file box. Hence, partner with a service that can accommodate a large volume.

Keep It Confidential

Indeed, a reputable shredding service bases its work on confidentiality. Of course, you generate a lot of sensitive information. This includes home addresses and health records. Also, it’s comprised of corporate confidence and financial data. Therefore, your Florida shredding service must respect that privacy. This is crucial for transport and destruction.

Shredding Methods

In reality, budget, volume, and schedule influence your choice of shredding methods. Fortunately, quality shredding companies offer many options. Obviously, mobile shredding is popular for its convenience.

Really, they come right to your door with specialized trucks. Plus, drop-off shredding can be done when needed. In truth, a quality service stores your documents until they shred.

Alternately, offsite shredding involves a truck loading your documents. It’s done at your office. Then, it’s transported to a central shredding facility. In fact, this is a cheaper option. Though, it’s less secure.

That’s because your documents are visible to others. Also, they might sit unattended for a while before shredding. Unfortunately, you’re unable to witness the shredding process. After all, you want to ensure your information is destroyed.

In all cases, be sure to partner with a service that prioritizes security.

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