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Is Wiping Your Hard Drive Enough to Protect Your St. Petersburg Business?

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If your company is the victim of data theft, nearly everything connected to your business is at risk. That means documents, files, and even hard drives must be appropriately disposed of when you no longer need them. Eliminating any and every risk for a data breach is the best way to protect yourself, your business, your clients, and your reputation.

So what should your business do when it has an old, obsolete hard drive with files, documents, and more filled with sensitive data? Is wiping the hard drive enough, or should you have it shredded as well? 

Wiping a Hard Drive

Although most people talk about “wiping” their hard drives, the action and process can be more accurately described as “erasing.” But, even erasing a hard drive is not as easy or straightforward as it seems. Deleting files on a drive does not erase them. Often, a computer engineer or cybercriminal can retrieve deleted files from somewhere on a hard drive. 

To entirely wipe a hard drive, one must overwrite the files on it with incomprehensible data. That process makes it all but impossible for any data recovery software to read and recover the erased files, although it does have some pitfalls. For bigger drives with larger amounts of data, it can be time-consuming. What’s more, there is still a (very minimal) chance some of the data—if not all of it—is recoverable. 

The Benefits of Shredding a Hard Drive 

Much like shredding paper documents, shredding a hard drive obliterates the device. That makes it impossible for engineers or thieves to repair, reassemble, or reuse the equipment in any way. For that reason, hard drive shredding is the most effective method to eliminate old, no-longer-needed information and prevent the risk of data theft or a data breach. 

Protect Your St. Petersburg Business with ShredQuick 

In today’s world, wiping a hard drive is not enough to ensure data security. Hackers and data thieves are more intelligent and savvier than ever. While it can take significant time and effort, these criminals can restore sensitive data from a wiped hard drive. However, the same cannot happen if you shred your drive.

For businesses in St. Petersburg, the best way to protect your sensitive data is to destroy old, unwanted hard drives with ShredQuick’s hard drive destruction service. ShredQuick’s hard drive shredding service meets NSA and DoD security standards for data safety and protection, so you can rest assured that no one will ever be able to access your shredded data. 

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