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Is your Bradenton business too small to hire a shredding service?

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It’s easy to understand why large corporations need to maintain wide-ranging policies for data destruction. They have mass amounts of sensitive data across several media that need to be regularly eliminated.

But what about your smaller, more concentrated Bradenton business? You may think your company’s operations don’t produce much in the way of security risk and wonder whether retaining the services of a professional shredder is worth the effort.

Here are some of the reasons you may think your small business in Bradenton doesn’t need professional shredding services—and why those reasons may be mistaken.


You don’t generate a lot of paper waste.

True, most companies across the world now conduct their business digitally. Still others perform services that don’t require a ton of paperwork—maybe order forms, contracts, or other records, but that’s about it.

But the question of whether to shred your old documents isn’t about how much paper you have, but what’s on it. Private customer information, financial records, employee data, or other data still exists on hard copies. Proper disposal and destruction of those items is still a priority for any Bradenton business, no matter how small.

Shredding services don’t focus exclusively on paper, either. They also provide destruction of technology and components that still contain relevant and sensitive information. The only way to be sure that old mobile phones, hard drives, and laptops won’t leak information is to have them entirely destroyed, and shredding services can do that.


You have employees responsible for shredding.

You might have designated one of your employees to handle all shredding of documentation using a device you picked up at your big-box office supply store. This employee spends a good chunk of their workday standing idly over the shredder and an empty container, slowly and patiently feeding sheets one by one into the blades, where they’re progressively and steadily ground into smaller and smaller strips…

Ask yourself: Is this the best possible use of your employee’s time? (Chances are your employee may have some thoughts on this question.) In-house shredding commands a lot of work hours that are better spent in more constructive efforts.

Also, retail shredders aren’t thorough—even when used as directed, the shreds they produce can be reconstructed to form legible documents. Even for the most independently-minded Bradenton company, a more comprehensive shredding solution is called for.


You don’t work with a lot of sensitive data.

Maybe your business papers don’t contain trade secrets, detailed business plans, or any information you consider extremely confidential or top-secret. What constitutes sensitive information isn’t always up to your company to decide.

State and federal laws often mandate that private customer information must be strongly protected. Companies that leak even the slightest bit of confidential customer information—like Social Security numbers, addresses, bank accounts, and more—could face legal complications if they’re improperly disposed of. Throwing these items in the garbage or recycling bin doesn’t cover those compliance requirements.


You have a restricted expense budget.

Small businesses in Bradenton understandably have to rein their spending in. That fact of business often leads them to look for shortcuts for maintenance jobs like shredding. They may consider off-site shredding services to be luxuries they can’t afford.

But in truth, professional shredding and data destruction companies in Bradenton are the most cost-effective options, even for local businesses with tight-belted budgets. The amount of money you’ll spend—combined with the time you’ll get back and the added security you’ll get—will even out. Many professional off-site shredders will be cheaper upfront than you might expect.


ShredQuick helps all Bradenton, Ellenton and Palmetto businesses develop logical, affordable, and reliable shredding and data destruction plans. Our service can help your small business stay compliant and secure when it comes to erasing sensitive information. Call us to find out more.

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