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Is Your Current Shredder the Best Fit for Your Tampa Company?

Perhaps, you assume that one
mobile shredding service is as good as the next.  However, this isn’t true.  Truthfully,
you don’t want to choose the wrong vendor. 
After all, they’ll shred documents and hard drives containing sensitive

Hence, you may learn they’ve been sending work to dishonest downstream partners.  Possibly, they dump devices in the nearest landfill.  Maybe, they illegally ship e-waste overseas.  What if you only discover this because of a data breach? 

Even worse, what if your customers have become targets of identity theft? Really, what do you know about your current Florida document shredding service?  Maybe, they pick up your documents and hard drives.  Yet, they provide little transparency about operations. 

Therefore, it’s time your Tampa business considers a new shredding partner.  Accordingly, what should you look for? 


Certainly, you need to know your sensitive data is going to be kept safe.  In reality, it begins the moment documents or hard drives are tossed in bins.  Then, it continues through shredding and recycling.  Thus, a suitable Florida document shredding service starts by providing locking bins for employee use. 

In doing so, once items are placed inside, they cannot be removed. Additionally, your service should offer secure transport and recycling. Be sure they do it at their facilities.  After all, you don’t want your paper or devices dumped at the local recycling center. 

Also, look for companies that carry certifications from regulatory organizations.  This includes the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).  They provide adherence to the highest security and ethics standards. 


Unfortunately, some companies are
secretive about proprietary processes.  In
truth, a shredding partner that won’t offer transparency should raise red
flags.  Thus, consider choosing a mobile shredding service in Tampa. 

Select one that provides
up-front pricing in writing.  Also, be
sure they offer on-site shredding while you watch.  Then, you will know the data destruction is
complete before the truck leaves your facility. 


Actually, it’s great to find a reliable
company to shred and recycle your documents, hard drives, and computers.  Yet, you deserve more.  Consequently, with a little comparison
shopping, you’ll find it.  In truth, look for locally owned and operated

That’s because they have a stake
in the community.  Perhaps, you find an
eco-friendly operation.  Really, these
folks recycle shredded material.  Plus,
they save water, electricity, trees, and fossil fuels in the course of their

Finally, choose a company that
offers proof of destruction for your records. 
They’ll provide Certificates of Destruction every time they shred. 
Maybe, your current shredder doesn’t offer adequate security, transparency, or
valuable extras.  In that case, it’s time
to find a new shredding partner.

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