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It’s Time for A 2020 Refresh to Eliminate Workplace Clutter

Now, we are well into the start of a
new year. Hence, if you haven’t yet done so, it’s a great time to declutter
your workspace. Oddly, some people claim they can function just fine in a
haphazard office environment. They say it’s because they “know exactly where
everything is”.

However, the reality is working in a cluttered space is unproductive. Plus, it’s a detriment to mental health. Actually, you might not even recognize the costs involved. Thus, let’s look at some of the consequences of working in a messy space at your Florida company:

3 Costs of Clutter

1. Time Sink

Really, consider the time spent rifling through stacks of paperwork (or a cluttered email inbox) for one document you need for the meeting. Actually, it adds up to lots of lost time.

2. Lost Money

Consider the search for files. In
doing so, you’re not focused on daily tasks. This, in turn, results in a steady
outflow of lost funds. Even worse, cluttered workspaces carry an inherent risk
of a data breach. In fact, this costs businesses a tremendous amount of money.

3. Compromised Reputation

Maybe, you have piles of papers and
other mess all over the place. Truthfully, this looks bad. Additionally, it’s
visible evidence of disorganization to your staff, clients, and visitors. Of
course, that raises questions of compliance and safety of confidential

Perhaps, you don’t notice during the
workday, but a cluttered workspace is stressful. Alternately, an organized area
is a proven way to boost productivity. Also, it increases the overall
individual and company success.

Decluttering Made

When is it time to declutter your
Florida workspace? Actually, one wise strategy is to implement a formal Clean
Desk Policy. This is an internal best practice throughout the entire company.
Sometimes, seeing a colleague’s organized and productive space sparks a fire in

In reality, there’s another popular
and effective approach to clutter reduction. It’s getting rid of stuff by
partnering with a professional document shredding service. By doing so, you’ll
clean things up and keep sensitive information safe concurrently.

How do you get valuable peace of
mind? Do it by turning over document movement, storage, and destruction to the
experts. After all, the last thing you need is data piling up between purges.

Thus, established a relationship
with a pro. By doing so, it’s a benefit to your company. Thus, you can focus on
your business instead of putting out data fires. In addition, formal policy and
professional shredding service offer proof to customers that their information
is secure.

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