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Companies deal with plenty of legal liability. Also, all businesses deal with human error. It’s par for the course. This is especially true for larger businesses.

After all, they juggle many different accounts, clients, and projects. How do they manage some of the potential fallout?

In fact, some businesses instate a “keep all” policy. In doing so, this ensures that all documents, both paper and electronic, are kept until an indefinite date.

This might seem like a smart, secure policy for businesses with a lot to lose. Yet, it can open companies up to major liability lawsuits in the case of data theft.

Here’s how to avoid liability.

What Does a Keep All Policy Do?

In theory, a ‘keep all’ policy was once a solid idea. Consider the days before the internet.

It was back in time when printouts and handwritten documents composed a paper trail. In fact, that was all businesses had to go on.

Thus, one wrong move could have spelled disaster. This is especially the case for an important legal document, client file, or piece of evidence in a legal case.

Today, however, we live in a more sophisticated world. Now, the internet creates and encourages data theft.

Thus, new firewalls and document shredding services have cropped up. These, in turn, protect businesses and clients.

They prevent them from letting sensitive information slip out. Today, a “keep all” policy isn’t practical for businesses dealing with client confidentiality, for example.

Additionally, it’s best for sensitive personal data. This includes social security numbers and phone numbers.

What are Some Potential Problems With This?

There is one big issue with a ‘keep all’ policy. It leaves documents essentially in view forever. This might be helpful for reference inside a business.

However, there’s no guarantee that information will stay within the office. After all, data thieves and dumpster divers make it their business to extract data.

Thus, companies that don’t invest in a Florida document shredding leave themselves open to lawsuits.

Plus, they’re responsible for charges any time personal data is stolen or extracted online. Most importantly, lawsuits can blame companies for carelessness with personal data.

Therefore, it can often ruin a business’s credibility in the long-term. Some businesses never recover from this kind of scandal.

Consequently, the lost trust resulting from liability lawsuits ends up hurting everyone involved.

How You Can Stay Protected

Luckily, it’s simple to protect your business from a lawsuit. Simply, hire a trusted mobile document shredding service to keep information protected and private.

In doing so, you’ll keep your clients and your business safe from prying eyes of hackers.