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Key Benefits of Computer Recycling in St. Petersburg

A hand holding an open laptop with a recycling symbol. This image represents computer recycling.
Residents and businesses in St. Petersburg, like all communities, constantly upgrade their computer systems. This means that old, decommission computers often get thrown out — usually straight into a landfill.

There’s another option for getting rid of aging technology:  Computer recycling. And it’s beneficial in several ways.

It Helps the Environment

Making a computer takes a lot of raw materials — metal, plastic, lead, mercury, cadmium, and more. If these materials are dumped in landfills, they eventually travel through air and water, adding toxins to the environment. Recycling a computer safely, through approved processes, can prevent this from happening.

Recycling e-waste can even help to reduce waste and energy in the manufacturing of other computers. Components like motherboards can be “mined” through the recycling process, yielding gold, metal, and other materials that can then be used to build new computers. This can prevent waste and greenhouse gas emissions that come from traditional mining practices.

It Can Help the Local Economy

Computer recycling is a combination of several processes. It takes a lot more steps to recycle used goods than it does to dump them in a landfill. With the additional steps that recycling takes, more personnel are needed — and more jobs are created. An economy with lots of new jobs is healthier, as it can help consumers to feel confident about spending more.

It Can Create More Usable Resources

Recycled components can be “mined” for gold, metals, and other production materials. This eases the demand for new natural resources. Through proper computer recycling, more natural resources become available for other industries and the economy expands.

It Can Support Community Members in Need

Schools, charitable organizations, and needy families are always on the lookout for computers that they can afford. Recycled computers are lifelines for those who are struggling to remain current. After you’ve upgraded to a new computer, it’s easy to have your old, working one data-wiped. Then, you can donate it to a charity that refurbishes computers. It’s a great way to responsibly help your community.

It Can Save Landfill Space

Landfills aren’t just unhealthy — they’re getting bigger every day. And landfill companies are always searching for more space. That’s primarily because more people dispose of e-waste every year. Recycling your computer can keep your e-waste from filling up empty land.

ShredQuick Prepares St. Petersburg Computers for Recycling

ShredQuick can get your computer ready for recycling by effectively and safely erasing the entire contents of your hard drive. If your St. Petersburg business is about to upgrade your computers, contact us to get rid of your old ones responsibly.


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